Friday 23 December 2016

Fairy and Tardis

This Fairy, pattern by Jane Eborall, found its way to another's tree as part of an ornament exchange. I used Lizbeth 101 Spring Flower size 20.  The legs are added separately.  I really liked how the beads gave this pattern sparkle. The exchange partner has a little girl and I thought she would like a fairy. 

I also sent along this Tardis.  The Tardis is made with Hakelgarn 20 navy blue. I made it right after the US election but sadly it's not big enough for anyone.

The Tardis is designed by Anne Bruvold and a free pattern is available here. This pattern uses split rings  to move on from one row to the other. and a split chain to finish.

 As it turns out the recipient  of these ornaments is very interested in tatting and wants to learn, sadly she is many miles away but I'm here to help in any way I can.

Sunday 18 December 2016

Vintage Lace Revisit

Many months ago I received a few yds/m of vintage trim.  I blogged about it here. It sat for some time all crumpled up in a bag.  I measured the smallest tablecloth I have and there was not enough trim to go around and I was positive I would not be adding to the piece I had.

This week I was looking for something to make my Christmas pin a bit more fancy for a community dinner.  I took the trim and carefully cut through the joining picots and then blocked the six joining hearts. Once dry I joined the point of the hearts and put them ruffled behind my brooch.  It made the pin fancy and I even got a few complements at dinner last night.  

That project worked so well I took another six hearts and put them round the skirt of an angel I put on the top of the tree. I still have lots of trim and I keep seeing uses for it all over the house. 

Wednesday 14 December 2016


This Unicorn is a Martha Ess Pattern found in her book "Flights of Fancy". I added a few sequins for a saddle and a bead for the eye.   It has arrived at a new home through an ornament exchange organized on Instagram.

It is tatted with Lizbeth 101 Spring Flower in size 40, it measures 5 by 4 inches or 12 by 10 cm. I used two shuttles one continuous thread. The gold horn added later is done with DMC metallic Diamant embroidery thread. 

I love Martha's patterns and although this one did test me I really enjoyed how it all came together. I made the mane picots quite long as I wanted more of a fantasy look. 

Sunday 11 December 2016

Simple Star

This is a quick one shuttle pattern, Helen Stammers Simple Star.  The pattern can be found here.  I have used a vintage Coats 30 thread so it does not show up  super white.  The stars  are tatted with silver, gold and blue beads, I used a diluted white glue to stiffen.

Put 40 beads on the ball thread and take about a meter off the ball and wind a shuttle.  The pattern can also be done without beads on the picots. 

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Paprika the Dragon

This baby dragon is done in a vintage Coats and Clark's size 70 thread color 26 a 1.75 inches (4.5 cm)  long and 1.5 inches ( 3.5 cm) wide.  I think if I incorporate a throw ring instead of one of those picot ears he would make cute earrings.

The two shuttle pattern is designed by Martha Ess and was available on her free pattern page. I put the black eye bead on shuttle 1 and all the others on shuttle two.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this pattern but overall a very enjoyable tat.  My plan is to add this to the front of a card. 

Monday 5 December 2016

The Exchange Stars

These two stars were sent off to the land of Oz as part of an exchange and I have heard word that they have arrived. The yellow one is designed by Joëlle Paulson  called Crystal Star. The pattern can be found on her Etsy site.  It is tatted with Pineapple Parfait Lizbeth 170 and light green 4 mm crystals were used. 

I didn't know the size of my beads but I had a knitting gauge. I used the gauge to determine that these were 4mm crystals.  

The lower  star is by Jane Eborall and can be found on her pattern page. I tatted this star with Sunkist Coral Lizbeth 706 and used some  silver seed beads at all picots and joins.  

Additionally I sent off some  hand dyed thread for my exchange partner to try.  If she sends a picture of her tatting I'll be sure to share. 

I used my pop a bobbin shuttle which has the perfect hook to work with beads and can also accommodate the beads on the bobbin.  Be sure to take a look on the techniques page to know how to do those beads in the center. 

Thursday 24 November 2016

Exchange Flake 2016

This lovely snowflake and card arrived all the way from Queensland Australia and is tatted by Judith Connors, The wreath on the front of the card is also tatted. This is  part of an exchange organized by the Fringe Element Tatters.  

The Fringe organizes three or four exchanges a year and my tatting has traveled all around the world and I have received exchange tatting from  many far away places.  It has been a fun way to meet tatters and make new friends.  

Now I have had a few bad experiences but nothing that has discouraged me.  Please don't join an exchange if you cannot complete it.  If circumstances come up (which they often do) or you are running out of time, let the organizer know as soon as possible so that the two of you can find a solution.  Happy Tatting  Everyone.

Finally, to my neighbors to the south, Happy Thanksgiving. 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃 

Friday 18 November 2016

Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon

I am in an Ornament exchange on Instagram and the group is quite diverse so I am choosing some non traditional tatting patterns. This is called Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon by Anne Bruvold.

This is a pattern I have always wanted to tat.  It can be completed by an intermediate tatter. You need to know how to do split rings and single shuttle split rings (SSSR).  Watch which shuttle is to be used when tatting the wings.  By using magic thread on the last chain of the wing and an SSSR to finish off there will be few ends to hide.

I used Lizbeth 20 Fern Green Med thread and scraps of orange thread for the flames.  The wingspan is 4.5 inches or 11 cm. Tail to nose stretched straight is also 4.5 in or 11 cm.

I think this is a bit too large for an ornament so I'm going to try again with a smaller thread.

Links to SR and SSSR tatting
Jane Eborall Tips & Techniques
Frivole YouTube

Saturday 5 November 2016


Well, I never, never knew such a simple little chick could create so much attention.

My Easter Chick has been nominated by Craftree members in the category of Best Overall Project.  If you want to know how it was created just follow this link back to my original post.

Thank you to all the Craftree members who voted for the chick and thought I deserved to be in the category along with other great projects. Please take the time to go on over and take a look at all the nominated tatting by clicking on the image above,  and please vote but it does not have to be for me, voting is now open to the public.

Good luck to all those nominated in each category.

I have completed my tatting for the Fringe Element Tatters exchange but can't show you until my exchange partner has received it, which may be a few weeks from now.

And finally, my Ring of Tatters newsletter has arrived and it is full of celtic tatting and ornaments and many other goodies. If you want to know more about the Ring of Tatters or become a member please follow this link.  Now what to tat next...

Saturday 29 October 2016

Awareness Ribbon

I went to a class at a local health store about the history of chocolate and tatting always goes better with chocolate.  I brought a ball and shuttle of green size 70 (vintage thread) and worked up these green awareness ribbons as the lecture went on.

The pattern is by Lenore English and depending on the color used you can support the awareness of your choice.  The pattern can be found here or here.  

This green is for Organ Transplant and Organ Donation awareness. In Canada, Canadians are encouraged to make a decision to donate organs and tissues, register their intent and discuss with loved ones the decision.

A few years ago I met some members of the Danish Tatting Guild who were wearing tatted pink ribbons (they called them bows). For the past six years this guild has tatted the pink ribbons for free and sold them with all the proceeds going the Danish Cancer Foundation.

As different groups, foundations and organizations have adopted the awareness ribbon as a symbol of support, there are now causes shared by the same or similar ribbon color. 

At the end of the talk we were all rewarded with a cup of rich hot chocolate with pumpkin spice.

Wednesday 26 October 2016


It is the smallest things that give us inspiration. One of the ladies in my exercise class passed this green scarf ring to me.  It has a cute note attached. She said that it came from her aunts things, an aunt that went to many craft sales.  I do like to wear scarfs and perhaps that's why she thought of me.

How would it have been used?  I think it would be pinned to the inside coat collar and the scarf passed through when worn, alternatively the ring could be pinned inside the coat and when hanging up your coat the scarf is passed through so you don't lose it. 

I don't believe it would have been used without being pinned to your coat but please let me know your thoughts. 

This is not tatted but crochet around a plastic ring, The plastic ring is 1.25 inches 3 cm in diameter.  If pinned to the outside of your shirt it could also be used as an eyeglass holder.

This gift has inspired me to create a tatted scarf ring or eyeglass holder.  I will share my creations in a later post.

Monday 24 October 2016

Celtic Motif 3

This celtic motif is the third taught by Jennifer Williams at the Fringe Tat Days 2016.  I have been told there are three kinds of celtic tatting; those that involve a third round to intertwine two previous rounds, a long chain wound into a celtic knot and interlocking rings shown here using a celtic shuttle.  Interlocking rings can also be completed using a second set of shuttles.

Since there is not a lot of thread on the celtic shuttle, you could use a regular shuttle and unwind it when you need to complete the interlocking ring and rewind to continue.  You wouldn't need to unwind until you are at the second large ring.

You can make your own celtic shuttle using a bent paperclip or cut and sand down a Popsicle stick.  I had ordered a set from Handy Hands a while back.

I used a size 10 HDT by Karey Solomon. The completed motif measures 2.25 inches or 6 cm across.  It is a good size for a pendant or an ornament if done in a Christmas thread and beads added.

I added cream colored glass pearls, clear glass beads and a ring to act as a bail. The glass beads give the tatting a good weight for a pendant.

Thursday 20 October 2016

Some Assembly Required

Most of my  tatting projects are finished once I cut from the shuttles.  Oh sure sometimes I do need to block but this project required some assembly.  This is the Remembrance Day Poppy by Jennifer Williams and can be found on her website.   I did the petals first and loved how nice they looked. The frilly picots are completed by doing front and back picots.  You will need to know how to do a Catherine Wheel Join which allows you pull the petal in to cupped shape.

The leaves were straightforward, two shuttles and a few split rings. Next the calyx, it will be cupped once completed.  I needed a small black button with a shank but only had a pink one so painted it black with a sharpie.  The beaded center covers most of the button.

The stamens were beads on a long chain. I used a floss threader instead of a needle to pass the thread through all the parts required. 

I followed the directions as best I could to assemble.  I used a pin through the petals at the back until I had the calyx on and then started with the florist tape. If you don't have florist tape any dark tape would do. 

I started wrapping the leaves and then carried on after the calyx and down the stem incorporating the wires and threads.  I cut it short and will be adding a brooch pin to the back to attach to my jacket for Remembrance Day November 11.  Size 20 thread was used and the finished flower is 1.75 inches across. 

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Simple Celtic Flower

It is a simple celtic flower but took me three tries to get it right.  My first attempt had one of the yellow rings wrapping around the wrong way and then I did it again on the second attempt.  Some things are not as simple as they look.  I used a celtic shuttle which allows you  to move the thread around the previous round before you make the ring.  Then while hiding ends one broke before it was able to hide using magic thread so I secured the chain and added a dab of glue.  

A simple flower like this is perfect to add to a card or small enough to wear in your hair. 

The pattern is one of Jennifer Williams and was taught as part of the Celtic Tatting Class at the Fringe Tat Days.  Have you ever used a celtic shuttle, do you have any tips?  

Wednesday 12 October 2016

A Mouse in the House

Oh my, what is this, a small mouse has been created and now I fear the house may become overrun.  

His body is a bit rough but the eyes ears and legs ended up on the correct side so I am pleased with this first attempt.  I had many tips and assistance from my friend Jane K in Ontario.  Jane gave an impromptu lesson in making these baubles and a few of us took up the thread and shuttles after the Fringe Element Tatters Conference last month.  

I used a size 20 thread and the completed mouse body is 1.5 inches (4 cm) long. The mouse can be found in the book Tatting GR-8 Baubles, Bugs, and Blossoms by the Shuttle Brothers, Gary and Randy Houtz.  This type of tatting was first shared by Bobbie Demmer of Montana.

Monday 10 October 2016

Another Lanyard

I have completed a green beaded lanyard and it is on its way to a tatting friend. The glass beads were a dollar store purchase and vary a bit in size.  I sorted out the too large and too small.  I used a hakelgarn 20 ecru thread which is very smooth.  Using a Tatsy shuttle is a must due to the size and number of beads required.  The pattern is from Patti Duff with an adjusted stitch count.   I blogged about this pattern before here.

This one shuttle ring only pattern travels well so it does not take too long to finish these. With inexpensive beads and a bit of thread my Tatsy shuttle is ready for another lanyard.

I attached jump rings so additional findings can be attached easily.
Today is a Canadian Thanksgiving day and I have rushed to post before getting dinner on the table.  To all my Canadian friends around the world, Happy Thanksgiving Day.  I am very grateful for all I have. 

Friday 7 October 2016

Exchange Coaster

I have confirmation that my exchange partner has received the cluny coaster shown right =>. Thanks to the Fringe Element Tatters for organizing the exchange and prompting us all to try a new stitch. 

They are currently organizing another exchange and we are to tat a motif but use a different thread than what would normally be expected.  You are also to send a sample of thread.  

I have really enjoyed all the exchanges I have been in so far so will sign up for this one too.   It is a great way to meet other tatters from around the world and hold tatting made by them.

This coaster was made with Lizbeth 20 color 109 Wildflower which I bought at a cute little shop in the country called the Twisted Barn.  Shirley owns the shop and hosts a fibre fare in late September.  She carries a wide selection of Lizbeth tatting thread. When I was there she also had some frozen Saskatoon tarts so I bought a half dozen. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

Tuesday 4 October 2016

I Met A Man

Now before you get all excited, I met a man, a man who tats.  A rare breed, he says he took it up to do something as his wife knits. He has a kind face with a big wide smile.  We tatted together at the Fringe Element Tat Days. (BTW he was not the only male tatting that weekend.)

He also makes shuttles and gave me one.  A new shuttle does not stay empty for long in my hands.  Below is my new handmade cherry wood shuttle already wound for a project.

When I met him he had around his neck a piece of red string, attached was a short hook for joining.

He needed a lanyard and I hope he likes green beads. Happy Tatting Dave.

Wednesday 28 September 2016

More Than Tatting

Back from "The Fringe Element Tat Days  2016" and had a marvelous time.  It was good to connect with friends and make new ones all while enjoying my passion for tatting.  

This knitted snowman was tucked into one of the prizes, I also came home with a lovely purple knitted shawl, custom made hand warmers, bead accessories and beads, napkin holder, quilt patterns, misc sewing, knit and crochet patterns.   There is much more than tatting at conferences and the artist that bring and share their work make the event so much richer.

Last year we were given a small blue round pill box and asked to do something with it and bring it back for next year's competition. Well my Easter Chick  fit on perfectly so off he went to be entered into the competition.  I really didn't think that anything would happen but I won the fan favorite.  Thank you all for your votes.

While in Cambridge, Ontario I added a few inches, to my tatting library of course and to the right is a sample of the new books.  I did receive a book that was already in my library so I offered it up to the committee for next year's prizes. 

One of the classes I took was a Celtic tatting class from Jennifer Williams who traveled all the way from the UK to teach us.  I made this small yellow motif. Sheila B was collecting tatting motif's for a quilt she is working on so she now has it.  I do like Celtic tatting and this technique was one I was not familiar with.  You do need to use a Celtic shuttle and I believe you will be seeing more of these from me.

Shown below are Clockwise  the conference centerpieces,  a spectacular Jan Stawasz doily made by Ginny Weathers, the cake that Ethel made and finally some Hand Dyed Thread. 

I would write more but you really should take in a conference if you can or just get together with others to tat, it is truly rewarding.

Finally a big thank you to the organizers, we could not have this event if it wasn't for your donation of time and talents. Others who make my trip most enjoyable was Ethel for baking a pretty and delicious cake. to Terry for chauffeur duties, thank you both.  And finally to my good friend Jane K.  I can't wait to see and tat with you again perhaps near a mountain......

Wednesday 21 September 2016

DNA Spiral Earrings

I was frantically trying to finish these earrings to wear to a special event.  We've had company for the past four days and it has been difficult to get away to do some tatting. They are DNA Spiral Earrings by Diana Howe.

I met Diana  and her husband at the Shuttlebirds Tat Days in Spokane this spring and Diana was kind enough to share her pattern with me.

That bottom bead is actually light blue but shows up green in this photo.  If you see me wearing them, please do come over and say hello. 

Saturday 17 September 2016

Zigzag Lanyard

I was looking for a quick lanyard pattern with beads as I wanted to have something to keep my magnifying eyeglasses on.  I like the weight that beads give to the tatting.  Searched my stash and found 3 mm fuchsia colored pearls and matched with a vintage 30 ecru J&P Coats thread.  I made a few trial pieces and this is what I came up with.

I used two Aero shuttles with hooks on each for ease of bead attachment.  160 beads made a length of 24 inches, the amount will vary for the length you want. The zigzag effect is created by switching shuttles.  

Start and end with a ring for attachments.  In this case I attached a split ring and then inexpensive eyeglass holders.  Had I attached a lobsterclaw, I could easily switch out for a medallion, hook or name tag.

I have made two previous lanyards, the Patti Duff Lanyard and a Jane Eboral Lanyard.

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Spinning Glass Mat

This is the glass mat by Mary Konior, it can be found in her book "Tatting with Visual Patterns".  It was tatted as I visited the Rocky Mountains with relatives from the UK.  I have used a vintage orange thread, Coats size 30.  With one shuttle and ball I used the SLT (shoe lace trick) to switch threads at the outer and inner of each arm.

As I neared the final arm I was not looking forward to those joins.  I am not very good doing the folded join so I looked up what Mary K would have done.  She calls it a Rosette join.  Basic movements are to fold the joining picot so that the back is toward you, then twist the picot up and back and join as normal from the front. It worked like charm.  It is a great pattern to travel with if you can count to four but sometimes even that gets messed up and I had to retro tat in a few spots.

Below are some of the photos I took with my phone while we were showing our UK guests the Rocky Mountains near my home in Western Canada.

Emerald Lake
top of Sulphur Mountain
Lake Louise

Takakkaw Falls
Canoes at Lake Louise
Canoes at Emerald Lake

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Hello New South Wales

This pearl tatted gum leaf arrived in my mailbox today, all the way from Australia.  Hello New South Wales and many thanks to Bev P. who received my name in the recent exchange of the Fringe Element Tatters and tatted this lovely leaf. 

The leaf is done in a olive green size 80 (I think) and is 5.5 inches or 14 cm long not including the encapsulated tail.  Just the perfect size for a bookmark. Bev said she did not use a pattern but copied the techniques used by Mark Myers in his leaves.  

I've still to learn pearl tatting but no time now as I must get my homework done before travelling to Ontario Canada for the Fringe Tat Days  September 23 & 24, 2016.  
I also sent some tatting across the ocean and will post once I know it has safely arrived. 

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Heart's Desire

One of my favorite patterns is "Heart's Desire" by Susan K. Fuller.  I have tatted this piece four of five times in the past three years.

For this recent heart I used an Omega 50 cotton. The thread is quite soft.  On the final ring the thread broke once the ring was closed. I used the ball thread to make a lock join through that ring. One could use a single shuttle split ring to finish off and reduce the ends to tie in.

At 2.5 inches at the widest point, this is ready to put on a card

The pattern was shared with the online class and can be found here or the diagram by Frivole here.

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Second Attempt

My second attempt came out much better. I relaxed my wraps and closed slowly and not tightly which was twisting the clunies.  

 If you look closely you may even spot where I added a thread in the middle of a cluny.  I used a split ring to climb to the second row and magic threads to hide the ends. 

I do like this thread as it is very strong and smooth to work with. A vintage size 30 thread this finished coaster is 7 cm or 2.75 inches across.  Another row or size 20 would make this a perfect size for under a glass but for now it is off to cheer up a friend and fits nicely on the card below.

My first attempt can be found here and the pattern by Mimi Dillman here

Friday 12 August 2016

Bits and Pieces

When I finish a project there is usually some thread left on the shuttle.  I either wind the excess back on the ball or if it is only a few feet, I make little daisy flowers.  These flowers are a ring of five of six large picots with a stitch between. 

I also keep any bits of lace that have been cut off of other projects.  

I made these bits and pieces into contact cards.  They have come in handy at a visit to a local thread shop and when I meet other tatters or someone interested in tatting. 

I made up the cards using my old laser printer and cardstock, designed with space on the left to place the tatting.  I cut them and used white glue to attach a few daisies or a bit of cut lace.  

Just leave them to dry and pack a few into your tatting travel bag and your done.

This idea was inspired from a card I received from another tatter last year and  I just had to share.

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Coasting Along

Just finished up a few more of the  Robin Perfetti coasters, the one above is called Kaleidoscope and the two below are Five Petals Split Rings and Six Petals Split Rings. The patterns are available in her Etsy shop

The six coasters used the majority of the Rico Essentials 50g ball. Don't know what else I will make with it but eager to get back to some smaller threads.