Thursday 23 April 2020

I Should Have Been

I should have been on the road with one of my favourite tatting mates, travelling to a conference and a new adventure instead I am at home keeping busy. 

These are ear savers.  I added the buttons as I tatted at the ring join.  Just pull a loop of  ring thread  up through the button, then down through the joining picot then the shuttle goes through this loop.  Making sure the core thread still moves,  tighten up the thread so the button sits right on the join.  This pattern is one that Victats posted on  a facebook group.

The thread is about a size 5 so I needed to add some extra rings to the pattern.  It is a called Twilleys Lysbet Super Cotton and tatted up very nicely. 

I completed these ear savers to use if you need to wear a mask for an extended time. The mask loops go over the buttons instead of your ears. And to go with the ear savers below are some masks I made. If you recall I am still learning to sew and need to perfect my skills.  I am part of a group making masks for free.

Now regarding the ear savers, these are quick and easy, it took longer to find two matching buttons so it they need to be discarded with a mask that's ok but I believe they would survive a wash or two. 

Sadly I had lost my tatting mojo for a while and haven't blogged but feel I have it back now that so expect many more new things happening both tatting and other crafty things.