Monday 30 November 2015

Lene's Blizzard

This year I had the opportunity to purchase the book 24 Snowflakes in Tatting personally from Lene Bjorn.  She signed my book so of course I had to tat up her snowflakes.  The diagrams in this book are large and excellent. In the front of the book you will find an explanation of the diagram symbols along with detailed techniques used in the book. There are a few spots where I needed further instruction.
I started at the front of the book and worked my way through each day of December, 45 days later I had completed them all at least once.  The snowflakes still need to be stiffened and blocked then on to my holiday tree (once it is set up).  I will gift the doubles to family.

All snowflakes shown were completed in a vintage thread, Coats size 30. I used one ball or  ~300 yards of thread. The completed size ranges from 2.5 to a maximum of 4 inches tip to tip.  I suggest you prepare a template to block them on but most of them come out very nice if you don't have a template.  

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Renulek Advent Wreath

I have been busy tatting up snowflakes and gifts for Christmas and had to try this wreath by Renulek which can be found here.  She also has a new one for 2015 here.  Originally I thought I would use it as a brooch but doing it in Pearl cotton it came out quite large but I had an idea.  The idea actually came from another tatting site, I believe this is the same candle holder that Cornelia uses and shows the inserts she has made on her site.

I won this glass candle holder at The Fringe Element Tat Days 2015.  You can place almost anything between the glass and it will stay clean and protected. You can add a tealight candle, real or battery powered. If you turn it over it will hold a bit larger candle. I almost need a few more of these for the table as I only have the one. 

Friday 20 November 2015

Toe Up Socks

These short socks were found in a bag full of various UFO's.  They needed the ends woven in and once that's done they will be great to wear.  I believe the yarn was one of Patons KROY yarns, most likely not available in this color anymore.  It is a yarn made specifically for knitting socks and one skein made this pair of short adult socks.  Looking at the color I am confident I made these for me. :)

When I first learned to knit socks I was taught to do them Toe Up and I do the heel in a similar manner.  It is an easy method and you can very quickly do up a pair of socks just for the fun of it.  I make mittens the same way, starting at the fingertips.

Just a little diversion, now back to tatting.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Cluny Fail... or not

The leaf, cluny or tally is created using two threads. I created a loom with my hand by wrapping the core thread over my fingers and using shuttle 2 to weave over and under the threads. A cluny traditionally would substitute for a chain but modern tatting allows for a cluny to hang free. 

The Fail... I got through the cluny but while closing the thread broke; so I tried again. I am using a vintage thread so no surprise that the thread broke. I think I adjusted my tension so much that the thread got very twisted and could not move through the loom at the close.  

In my second attempt the cluny came out well but I don't like how the beads sit in this earring.  I am not fond of my execution of the Victorian sets either.  Perhaps some blocking would improve my result.

This pattern by Dagmar  Pezzuto was available on the online tatting class run by Georgia Seitz, a few weeks back so I took a break from my other projects to do up this earring. This earring has many tatting techniques, using a bead, split ring, throw ring, SCMR, Victorian sets and finally clunies.

I believe that tallies or clunies are like any new technique it just takes practice. 

Sunday 1 November 2015

Hearts Doily Row 7

I am on the last row of this doily, the banner row complete now to attach to the main doily. Wish me luck.

I am thinking of replacing that blue center with the yellow and I think it can be done. Any suggestions?

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