Wednesday 12 July 2023


This year I put two entries into the Calgary Stampede Creative Arts and Crafts Competition.  The Section is called Knit and Crochet and within this section is a class for tatting.  The only other place I can enter tatting is in the Theme Section which is won by popular peoples choice.  The theme changes yearly and this year it was for All things Calgary.  I just didn't get on with it early enough to enter.

Much to my surprise I won two ribbons.  The blue one is second place for my "Woodland Scene".  I had no idea how this would look until I completed it.  I made about 8 pinecones but only 4 made the final piece.  I learned to make the pinecones at Camp Wanna Tat and the flowers at Shuttlebirds.  I added crystals to the flowers and tatted leaves around the edges to frame the design. 

The red ribbon is a first class ribbon and the piece is the "Reversible Pendant".  I took the class at Shuttlebirds this past spring.  I promised my teacher Marie that I would enter it in the Calgary Stampede and I'm sure glad I did.  I really like this pattern and will be tatting it again.

Thanks to all the teachers and designers who played a big part in the event and have helped me be a better tatter.