Saturday 5 November 2016


Well, I never, never knew such a simple little chick could create so much attention.

My Easter Chick has been nominated by Craftree members in the category of Best Overall Project.  If you want to know how it was created just follow this link back to my original post.

Thank you to all the Craftree members who voted for the chick and thought I deserved to be in the category along with other great projects. Please take the time to go on over and take a look at all the nominated tatting by clicking on the image above,  and please vote but it does not have to be for me, voting is now open to the public.

Good luck to all those nominated in each category.

I have completed my tatting for the Fringe Element Tatters exchange but can't show you until my exchange partner has received it, which may be a few weeks from now.

And finally, my Ring of Tatters newsletter has arrived and it is full of celtic tatting and ornaments and many other goodies. If you want to know more about the Ring of Tatters or become a member please follow this link.  Now what to tat next...


  1. Well, it really is one of a kind piece of tatting and I am so happy you got nominated ! Congratulations and hope to drop by with another congrats on your win :-)))

  2. Thank you, all such kind words.


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