Saturday, 29 October 2016

Awareness Ribbon

I went to a class at a local health store about the history of chocolate and tatting always goes better with chocolate.  I brought a ball and shuttle of green size 70 (vintage thread) and worked up these green awareness ribbons as the lecture went on.

The pattern is by Lenore English and depending on the color used you can support the awareness of your choice.  The pattern can be found here or here.  

This green is for Organ Transplant and Organ Donation awareness. In Canada, Canadians are encouraged to make a decision to donate organs and tissues, register their intent and discuss with loved ones the decision.

A few years ago I met some members of the Danish Tatting Guild who were wearing tatted pink ribbons (they called them bows). For the past six years this guild has tatted the pink ribbons for free and sold them with all the proceeds going the Danish Cancer Foundation.

As different groups, foundations and organizations have adopted the awareness ribbon as a symbol of support, there are now causes shared by the same or similar ribbon color. 

At the end of the talk we were all rewarded with a cup of rich hot chocolate with pumpkin spice.


  1. Sounds like a worth cause to make the green ribbons for and chocolate is always a great reward. Our pink ribbons are for breast cancer and black mustache are made for prostrate cancer in the United States. There are many other things like that too.

  2. Worthy cause. I know red ribbon for AIDS and pink for breast cancer but I didn't know green for organ donation.

  3. I know pink is for breast cancer, and there are a whole host of colours for different illness,
    Thank you for sharing the pattern

  4. Love the colour you chose, and the cause even more. If only we would pledge more, and our loved ones would follow through. Of course, the infrastructure needs to be in place and it's great that the State encourages and institutes such awareness drives.


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