Thursday, 20 October 2016

Some Assembly Required

Most of my  tatting projects are finished once I cut from the shuttles.  Oh sure sometimes I do need to block but this project required some assembly.  This is the Remembrance Day Poppy by Jennifer Williams and can be found on her website.   I did the petals first and loved how nice they looked. The frilly picots are completed by doing front and back picots.  You will need to know how to do a Catherine Wheel Join which allows you pull the petal in to cupped shape.

The leaves were straightforward, two shuttles and a few split rings. Next the calyx, it will be cupped once completed.  I needed a small black button with a shank but only had a pink one so painted it black with a sharpie.  The beaded center covers most of the button.

The stamens were beads on a long chain. I used a floss threader instead of a needle to pass the thread through all the parts required. 

I followed the directions as best I could to assemble.  I used a pin through the petals at the back until I had the calyx on and then started with the florist tape. If you don't have florist tape any dark tape would do. 

I started wrapping the leaves and then carried on after the calyx and down the stem incorporating the wires and threads.  I cut it short and will be adding a brooch pin to the back to attach to my jacket for Remembrance Day November 11.  Size 20 thread was used and the finished flower is 1.75 inches across. 


  1. Wow, that's really beautiful and will serve you for many Remembrance Days. Worth the fiddle of assembling the pieces.

  2. I love it and have yet to try this one, it came out great, good pictures too!

  3. Thanks ladies, if I was to do it again I would tat the center with the stamens, the stamens gave me some grief wrapping them around the center. I may do some minor reconstruction on this.

  4. Wow, it's gorgeous, and your explanations really help to understand the assembly.
    You can be proud of your work when you will wear it.

  5. Your poppy looks fabulous. I really like this pattern and made one for myself a couple of years ago. I shall be wearing it again for Remembrance this year.


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