Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Heart's Desire

One of my favorite patterns is "Heart's Desire" by Susan K. Fuller.  I have tatted this piece four of five times in the past three years.

For this recent heart I used an Omega 50 cotton. The thread is quite soft.  On the final ring the thread broke once the ring was closed. I used the ball thread to make a lock join through that ring. One could use a single shuttle split ring to finish off and reduce the ends to tie in.

At 2.5 inches at the widest point, this is ready to put on a card

The pattern was shared with the online class and can be found here or the diagram by Frivole here.


  1. It is a wonderful pattern; I like your version.

  2. It's a wonderful go to pattern, love the variegated thread used:)

  3. It's very pretty. I didn't recognize it at first. It turned out a very appealing heart shape. Mine turn out chubbier somehow. But I really like it's stylin shape.

    1. The challenge of keeping the correct tension with the long chains and consistent size of the joining picots makes a difference. But then each one is unique which I like too.

  4. Very pretty love the colours of the thread. I have also done this pattern several times and I also like the pattern


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