Monday, 10 October 2016

Another Lanyard

I have completed a green beaded lanyard and it is on its way to a tatting friend. The glass beads were a dollar store purchase and vary a bit in size.  I sorted out the too large and too small.  I used a hakelgarn 20 ecru thread which is very smooth.  Using a Tatsy shuttle is a must due to the size and number of beads required.  The pattern is from Patti Duff with an adjusted stitch count.   I blogged about this pattern before here.

This one shuttle ring only pattern travels well so it does not take too long to finish these. With inexpensive beads and a bit of thread my Tatsy shuttle is ready for another lanyard.

I attached jump rings so additional findings can be attached easily.
Today is a Canadian Thanksgiving day and I have rushed to post before getting dinner on the table.  To all my Canadian friends around the world, Happy Thanksgiving Day.  I am very grateful for all I have. 


  1. Very beautiful are on Instagram cause I feel I hearted this one before or your other one :)

    1. Yes, I do post on Instagram under the username
      "Auntibea". It was an account I set up originally for use with family only.

  2. Happy thanksgiving day, I hope you have a lovely day
    Very beautiful lanyard


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