Tuesday 17 October 2023


 October is time for pumpkins.  The earrings were found on The Things of Anto blog (in Italian) and I adapted the stem as a one shuttle pattern to make it easier to hide ends.  I brought these to my CGNFA guild meeting and they were scooped up. They are really cute.  I used Lisbeth thread 183 Orange Crush.

 The second little pumpkin was tatted at Camp Wanna Tat and is the design of D. Arnold.  I believe she will be offering the pattern in her new book when it is ready. I used Lizbeth Bright Orange. Don't you just love shuttle only patterns. 

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Pioneer Acres 53 Annual Show

This year at Pioneer Acres Annual Show they featured John Deere Tractors and Farm Equipment,  Celebrating 100 Years of the Model D Tractor.  There were over 100 tractors and equipment on display.  I usually bring my shuttles and demo tatting for the three days of the show and this year I thought I would tat a tractor.  As the date drew close one of my tatting friends said it had already been done.  So began my search for a tatted tractor and I found one.

Grandpa's tractor is a pattern designed by Tamie Alliss dedicated to her grandfather.  I ordered the pattern but it would not arrive in time for the show so I made one up.  I used the John Deere colors of yellow and green in Omega thread. (Not the greatest thread to tat with IMHO).

I also enjoyed tatting with "Batty Tatter" who dropped by for a  visit and gifted me a find from a garage sale.

I can't wait to try these yummy threads.