Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Garden Ate my Glasses

Oh my it has been a wonderful summer, filled with many adventures but sadly not much tatting.  My hands are usually in the garden, at first preparing. then planting, watering, weeding and finally harvesting.

I have two gardens one for show, filled with flowers from April to September.  I plant sweet peas and nasturtiums, all others are perennial or self seeding. Just as one bloom finishes another one comes along.
My second garden is for eating,  a vegetable garden along with a patch of raspberries.  It was the raspberries that ate my glasses.

A few of you may know I had some minor surgery this spring, all is going fine. I had a follow up appointment last Thursday and once I arrived home I went immediately to pick some raspberries before the heat of the day.  I wanted to have enough to make some jam.  My glasses are only used for distance so I took them off and folded them over the neck of my shirt. After about ten minutes my glasses had disappeared.

The patch measures 5 feet deep and ten feet long. You'd think it would only take a moment to find them but the raspberries were not giving up so quickly.  When hubby got home he held branches back with a hockey stick (yes he plays four times a week) and we looked for them without success.
It would take two days before I saw a glint of light and reached down to find them.

Now about tatting. I am on the last row of  the Renulek Spring 2017 Doily and in order to get the color in the right spot I was using the SLT but I didn't like the blip of color that showed up. Then I tried using a SCMR but couldn't get the rings uniform enough so I set the piece aside. Now I  have taken another look  and think I will go back to using the SLT as it puts less strain on this vintage thread and a blip of color is much better than thread breakage.

I did make the jam and have eight little jars ready for gifting.