Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Simple Celtic Flower

It is a simple celtic flower but took me three tries to get it right.  My first attempt had one of the yellow rings wrapping around the wrong way and then I did it again on the second attempt.  Some things are not as simple as they look.  I used a celtic shuttle which allows you  to move the thread around the previous round before you make the ring.  Then while hiding ends one broke before it was able to hide using magic thread so I secured the chain and added a dab of glue.  

A simple flower like this is perfect to add to a card or small enough to wear in your hair. 

The pattern is one of Jennifer Williams and was taught as part of the Celtic Tatting Class at the Fringe Tat Days.  Have you ever used a celtic shuttle, do you have any tips?  


  1. That's very clever. Doesn't look simple to me! No, I haven't used a celtic shuttle, though I have done a bit of celtic tatting.

  2. Lovely flower! Yes I used a little celtic shuttle but it's way too big for thread size 80 and tips kept on stinging the left hand, maybe I used it wrongly

  3. It takes a bit of practice to use a Celtic shuttle. I hold it in the middle so I can pass it over the thread, and use a half hitch over one of the points to lock the thread on these clear plastic shuttles and thus prevent unwrapping.

  4. I would really love to buy and tat with Celtic shuttles - opens up so many doors ! You did a very nice job and hope I remember your excellent tip. For now, I'll just have to use 4 shuttles ;-)

  5. Although I have done a bit of what is called Celtic, by folding rings though another ring and joining together, I have not use or have a Celtic shuttle, it's on my list to buy but so far that's as far as it's got, they do look long and a handful.
    This pattern looks easy but really I am sure it take practice, well done on your third attempt


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