Thursday 31 December 2020

Something to look forward to

As 2020 closes and we step into a new year, it is a time to pause and and reflect on the past year and plan what new adventures await in 2021.  I often thought that 2020 would be the year I would retire but I was able to do that a few years earlier than planned.  The extra time afforded me the opportunity to attend some tatting conferences in 2019 and meet many tatters.  Then in 2020 I  kept on tatting and blogging and zooming to keep in touch with all my fellow crafters.

I do have something to tell you and it is quite exciting in 2021 and that is Ms. Jane Eborall will be hosting another TIAS.  You can find details about it here.  Of course she does not share much as that is part of the fun.   

I can't wait to see what threads and shuttles will be shared as the TIAS moves forward.  If you are a tatter, please be sure to send in your tatting so we can all be inspired .

I wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2021.  Stay safe, tat and carry on.

Tuesday 22 December 2020

First Attempt at Design

These are my first attempts at design, Single Shuttle Earrings. I made these earrings with some left over thread on a shuttle, they are not very big so they could handle a long dagger bead on the bottom or other embellishment. The prototype was made with metallic thread and by ending with a single shuttle split ring (SSSR) you are able to easily hide the ends.

Nothing fancy or new here but I took some time to make a diagram in Inkscape which was really fun and didn't take too long.  

I have also included a photo of one done with metallic thread using different stitch counts and bead placement.

If you are interested I have included the instructions below.

Load beads on shuttle, pull 18 inches or 45 cm off shuttle along with 3 beads.  You will need to anchor this end so you don't lose your beads.  Using the diagram, start at star, end at triangle. Start first ring with 3 beads from shuttle round the hand
R 10 (3b) 10
C 14 lock join to picot between beads in first ring 5
make 4 bead picot with 3b from ball 1 b from shuttle 5 lock join between beads in first ring 14
Tie knot before making SSSR
SSSR hiding ball thread in 1st 4 stitches of ring
Add additional picots or beads as desired. 

I have had this sitting on my desk for some time and needed to get it posted before the end of the year.

Thursday 17 December 2020

Icy Blue Snowflake

 If you need practice with bead placement this is the perfect project.  Designed by Marie McCurry of WestPineCreations.  She now has a sales page with instructions available here

The pattern works up quickly and depending on the size of thread will determine the size of the snowflake. I used seed beads and my neverending spool of Wonderfil Spagetti thread.

Tuesday 8 December 2020

First Snowflake


No, not my first but one designed by Grace Tan called First Snowflake and Variation which you can find here.  It works up fast and easy.  I did it in one pass using a split chain.  I think it needs some beads, so 60 on the shuttle to cover the picots on the final ring and another 18 on the shuttle for every picot except joining.

Do you see the variation?

Monday 7 December 2020

They are here

 These hand painted shuttles in ruby red were commissioned to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Ring of Tatters.