Friday 29 January 2021

Tatting a Temperature Chart

They are not hard to find in the new year. Crafters creating a temperature chart.  It is done by using the temperature to create a corresponding pattern.  Here is how I made mine. 

Firstly I wanted something I could easily manage so only 52 tats would correspond to  a weekly temperature.  After reviewing historic temperatures I chose to use the Weekly Mean of Min/Max.  If history repeats itself there could be a  50 degree temperature range. With each color representing a 5 degree range I would need 10 colors plus perhaps using black and /or white for the extreme (which I am betting will not happen). 

OK are you with me so far, now to choose the color scale.  I have decided to do this in a size 80 thread and use solid colors for the scale.  That way each five degree temperature change would be a change in corresponding color. Searched my stash and came up with ten suitable colors.  I needed to organize the colors from cool to warm. 

Now to find a pattern that would work.  I could go the easy route and choose simple flower but then I needed a way to put them all together, a spiral may work.  Hmm what shall I do.

I chose a pattern called  Girotondo. The pattern is by Antonia (Ninetta) Caruso from Italy and she shares this free pattern on her blog.   I tatted a sample scale. Next post I will have a few weeks to show you of the actual chart. 

It is not too late to start your temperature chart.

Tat it and See updates for Day 6, 7 and 8

Saturday 23 January 2021

Day 5 TIAS 2021

 Many projects in tatting are small in compared to other crafts (IMHO) and is meant to be looked at in detail  That is why tatters spend so much time making sure we don't cross our threads and keep the picots neat and tidy.  WELL that didn't happen here.  

If you look closely which I hope you do, you will see and extra picot on ring #3.  Did you find that pink picot sticking our from the half white ring?  I didn't discover it until I was too far along to back up so I just carried on.  

In the whole scheme of things (so I've been told) this will not make a difference.  And I don't care.  I'm in it for the fun factor.

If you don't know already, Jane E is hosting another TIAS and you can join in at any time.  You will find instructions and sequenced pattern bits on the TIAS blog here

 You are encouraged to send in your tatting and gave a go at a guess to the final result.  You can even go back to prior years and do those too. 

On a more positive note you will see that I have successfully been able to complete frontside/ backside for this mystery tat.  I don't usually bother with that but this time I did. At least so far. 


Wednesday 20 January 2021

Vintage Thread Gift


My local guild CGNFA has a weekly sit and stitch meeting via zoom.  We get to chat and show off our current projects.  About a month ago one of the members mentioned that she had some tatting thread that she wanted to know if I wanted. I said yes because I love vintage threads.  

It would take a few weeks before we could do a curbside drop off and when she arrived I gifted her some tatted pieces and she also made me a lovely beaded ornament. I didn't put a tree up this year so I have hung her ornament in my window with other suncatchers and I get to admire it every day. 

I tried out the tread she had brought, it was all size 80/70 but the most lovely clean bright colors.  I tested the thread for strength and then tatted up these bookmarks.  The red thread was from my stash.  

The pattern is by Dotori and available in her Etsy shop. The clear shuttle in the top picture is by Yuuko Terachi and the  lower one is by Rita Richmond, Shuttles by Design.

Monday 18 January 2021

Day 1 TIAS 2021

 Shuttles wound, here is Day One

 So if you have never heard of TIAS it stands for Tat It And See.  It is a tatalong with a twist because we don't know what the product will be at the end.  A tatter called Jane Eborall from the UK gives us the pattern to tat in pieces and we are encouraged to send in our tatting.  There is no cost and guesses are encouraged. 

It is wonderful to see all the threads and shuttles from around the world.  I often see tatters I have met or know only from facebook or instagram.  Sometimes someone guesses but Jane never lets on if they do.
Eventually we will all find out what the mystery TIAS is.

If you can do Split Rings you can do the TIAS and lucky for you she keeps all of the previous years on the TIAS blog so you can go back and play the game again.

So, any guesses?

Monday 11 January 2021

Ice Queen

If you don't recognize this pattern it is called Ice Queen and is a design from a few years back by Frivole aka  Joëlle Paulson. She has a blog called Le Blog de Frivole and and Etsy page LaCossette where you can purchase Tatting Shuttles, Patterns & Lace. 

At least once a year she comes up with new snowflake patterns.  I had done this pattern years ago before I had a blog to record my tatting. 

This pattern is for intermediate tatters as it contains techniques which require special skills.  I'd like to tell you but if I did I would be giving away too much of her pattern.  
I tatted it a few times using a vintage thread so it may look a bit different because of that. Also the thread, a Coats size 20 has a slight cream color and the knots never seem to be as neat as other threads.

In the second picture I eliminated the small rings off the chains to see how that would look and although I liked how much easier this was to tat, keeping them in produced a nicer design.

I ran into a few problems with the bugle beads.  They have sharp edges and cut my thread on the first few tries.   Marie gave me a great tip to put a seed bead on each end and I found that worked well too.

 Don't forget to wind up your shuttles to be ready for the TIAS Tat It And See which starts tomorrow.  Here is the link.