Sunday, 18 December 2016

Vintage Lace Revisit

Many months ago I received a few yds/m of vintage trim.  I blogged about it here. It sat for some time all crumpled up in a bag.  I measured the smallest tablecloth I have and there was not enough trim to go around and I was positive I would not be adding to the piece I had.

This week I was looking for something to make my Christmas pin a bit more fancy for a community dinner.  I took the trim and carefully cut through the joining picots and then blocked the six joining hearts. Once dry I joined the point of the hearts and put them ruffled behind my brooch.  It made the pin fancy and I even got a few complements at dinner last night.  

That project worked so well I took another six hearts and put them round the skirt of an angel I put on the top of the tree. I still have lots of trim and I keep seeing uses for it all over the house. 


  1. It was brave of you to cut into the lace! Much better to make it usable than to preserve it just sitting there, good for you. Very effective pin and angels.

    1. This trim was never used and tightly tatted so I felt confident in the cut and I was not using it where there would be stress. I have enough that I could sacrifice a heart or two. I'd rather see it used than put aside for many more years. I would hope that happens to any lace I make, please use it.

  2. If kept long enough everything finds a place to be used. Looks beautiful trim


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