Friday 19 May 2017

Treats from Overseas

Cleaning up the craft room today and organizing and sorting.  Winding shuttles, sorting patterns and dusting.

I great gal I know just returned from a trip to the Phillipines, Cambodia and Vietnam. She brought me a bag full of goodies.  I am so thankful.

There are some interesting shells, roses, stars and coi fish beads along with pearls and lovely red glass beads. There are seed beads in a variety of sizes and color.

I predict that there will be beaded tatting in my future.

She also brought me polvoron and uba cookies.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Spring Wiosna 2017 Round 10

This round took a while because I took the doily to Shuttlebirds 21 Workshop and didn't get back to it for a time.  I have just finished round 10, started round 11 so less than three rounds left.  I am always a bit behind on her doilies because I like to see where she is going on the next round so I can plan a climb out or not.

As I was completing this round I found one join not made and one spot where I added an extra picot.  I had originally thought to give this doily away but it will not be finished in time, at least I don't think I would and I don't like to rush my work so I have not corrected the mistakes yet and may just keep this one.  The errors are hard to find amid the thousands of knots and have no effect on the shape of the doily.

Round 11 is basic with some long chains.  I have not blocked it and it is laying nice and flat. I must finish this project before I get bored with it.

If you are interested in starting this doily you can find the pattern by Renata Niemczyk on her blog where by now she has released the entire doily.  She also sells the pattern on her Etsy page. 

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Little Cuny Snowflake

This Little Cluny Snowflake was the pattern provided at Shuttlebirds  21st Workshop for beginning cluny by Mimi Dillman.  She told us that the main thing was to practice your leaves to make them as evenly as possible.  I think she meant that each leaf/cluny should be of similar size and shape within the pattern. Don't worry Mimi, my little leaves don't compare with your's, I am still practicing. 

I altered this pattern to create a ring with the ends to use as a zipper pull or if I had made it a bit shorter I could put it on a hair pin to use in my hair.  I don't have bangs so I often wear tatting in my hair this way.

I used a free sample of Lizbeth thread  size 40 and I probably have enough thread to make another three flakes from the little spool.

The snowflake measures 4 cm across or 1.5 inches. It is a good size for a card and that is where this one will go.   

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Cluny Zipper Pull

This Cluny Zipper Pull was one of the classes I took at the Shuttlebirds Workshop a few weeks ago.  I actually finished the project and brought it to breakfast on Sunday morning before we left, alas that was the last I saw if it.  I hope it has found a good home.  So I wanted to make another to use in an exchange. 

I didn't have a Cabone ring but searched my stash and found a plastic ring (I think this may have come off a bra strap) and used my nail file to remove rough edges. It was not the right size so I adjusted the pattern to fit.   

The pattern is by Mimi Dillman who gave me many pointers regarding making cluny leaves at the workshop. I do need a few more years of practice though but happy that I can wind my hand without thinking and my leaves always close although not as pretty as hers.  

I love using this vintage thread to make cluny leaves.  I don't know the name of it so if you recall please let me know. 

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Thank You Ross Point

It is located on the north side of the Spokane River, a quiet spot with tall trees and a large conference center.  The room we stayed was in a nearby cabin with a  common living/kitchen  area along with six rooms each with its own bathrooms.  Hubby and I had a King Size bed, dresser, table and chairs. There was also an outdoor table under a veranda where you could sit and read past dark.  Inside the common room there were rocking chairs and recliners to relax in.

The rooms were very clean and our stay was most comfortable.   The drive to Ross Point was seven and a half hours with one border crossing, one train derailment, three stretches of construction, a detour and time change.  I had tatted a few hearts to give to the border guards and perhaps that is why we had no issues at the border this time.

Oh did I forget to mention the food.  Yum, it was all fantastic.  I couldn't eat some of the offerings (allergies)  but I never felt I didn't have enough and there were alternative choices.

Ross Point was the location for the Shuttlebirds 21st Annual Tatting Workshop, A Flurry of Flakes. I had a wonderful time, taking six courses and finishing one project.  It was a great weekend.  So nice to see old friends and make some new ones too.

I encourage all tatters to get together with others if you can.  Even a small local group will increase your skill level. 

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Spring Wiosna 2017 Round 9

This round took me a week to do.  I have abandoned the rotten  green balls and will use up the last of the pink and green that are still good. There only a few more rounds left on this pattern. Thirteen in total I believe.

I may have to add in an additional color but we'll see how it goes.

This is the Renulek Spring Wiosna and links to the pattern can be found on her blog  (released about one round a week) or the completed pattern available on her Etsy page.