Thursday 28 May 2015

Serwetka VI Doily 6

 I have finished this doily in Omega size 50, it measures 9in/22 cm. The last row did not add to the size.  I was quite skeptical of the thread but it was not difficult to tat with as long as you are not a tight tatter.

The colorway is interesting and for photographing, I tried a few backgrounds as suggested and settled on white.

This is from the book by Jan Stawasz Tatted Treasures , which is full of a wide variety of tatted patterns.  I thought the central part of this pattern would work for a clock face and perhaps it will.

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Should I STAY or should I GO

A few months ago one of my tatting friends told me about the Shuttlebirds event in Spokane and we just couldn't go.  It was a nice thought and I kept the idea to attend an event in the back of my mind. So I just sat down and did the logistics to attend the Fringe Element this September.  At first I was upset because Canada is so big and the event is being held on the other side of the country. But it appears that I can fly direct to an airport only a few miles/kms away from the hotel and it is happening on a weekend so will not interfere with any work related events.

I have checked with hubby and he agrees that I should go on this adventure.  It would be my first tatting event and I have only ever met one other tatter. So now I just need to know if I can find someone to share my room with me so I can save a little more to spend on tatting stuff.  I don't know what to bring, besides my shuttles of course.

Friday 22 May 2015

One More Row

This Doily has been an adventure, firstly using the Omega thread and secondly another Jan Stawasz Doily.  Can you tell I like his patterns, in fact the Tatted Treasures book is looking a little worn as I have browsed through the pages so much. I took the top picture as the sun streamed into the kitchen this morning. So happy to be on the last row of any project, and yes I do know the last row is the longest row. 

The Omega thread is soft but tats up nicely as long as you don't tat too tight.  The thread is not smooth but more of a natural finish and if you tat too tight the rings are hard to close.  The doily above is now 9 inch (22 cm) size so a nice size and don't think I am halfway through this 30 gram ball. I think this thread may be best suited to crochet so I will try a little, see I did crochet around a button but probably should have grabbed a smaller hook. It does crochet up nicely.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

The Cobweb Doily

The group over at CRAFTREE are having a Spring Tat-along and the doily chosen is called The Cobweb Doily.  You can get the pattern free from the link  here

I had some major cupping after the last row and tried to block it but you can see the strain in a few of the rings.  I will tat again and tighten up the chains in row two which seem to be the problem. It is a nice little doily and a good practice piece, I used split rings and split chains to climb out of each row.