Saturday 23 December 2017

Patterns from Agnieszka Michalowska

The patterns for these snowflakes are all from a website by Agnieszka Michalowska and here is the link
She has other crafts and videos on on her site like how to do a some tatting techniques. 

These were all done with a DMC 12 pearl cotton and the size of these snowflakes were all near 2 inches or 5 cm across. My favorite is the six armed snowflake and especially the negative space in the center. 

It is always interesting to see what other tatters are doing around the world. 

Friday 15 December 2017

Flurry Snowflake

This flake is designed by Harolahlala and the pattern can be found here.  She also has a Facebook page called The Shade Tree Designer Tatting. This flake is begging for some embellishment and I added the Josephine rings between the points for some interest. 

I tatted this with a vintage ecru 40 thread by J&P Coats.  The finished flake measures 6 cm or 2.24 inches.  It holds its shape very well. 

I have placed the Flurry snowflake into the plastic frame and you can see my tatting cabinet in the background.

I purchased this cabinet to try to contain my tatting in one spot.  It has lights inside and when I am tatting in the evening it gives off a wonderful glow.  I even have room to display completed items on the top shelf. 

One day when I have this cabinet organized I will give you all a peek inside. Stay tuned!

Thursday 14 December 2017

Lil David's Snowflake

This flake is designed by Harolahlala and the pattern can be found here   She also has a facebook page called The Shade Tree Designer Tatting. She provides a variation of the flake which can be made with beads in the center.

I used a vintage ecru 40 thread by J&P Coats. The finished flake measures 8 cm or 3 inches.  I did not need stiffener as the flake holds its shape well. 

I purchased a few of these snowflake frames below and I have managed to put one into the center. I plan to gift  this year.

Monday 11 December 2017


It is that time of year when I tat snowflakes.  This is the latest pattern by  Joëlle Paulson which she calls  Qanik.  You can find the pattern on her etsy page.  I was lucky enough to win a free pattern during a draw that she had on her blog leblogdefrivole.

I must admit that those long chains were a challenge so I asked Joëlle if she had any tips and she said to do them with reverse stitch. so I tried it and it did come out better than my first try.

Joëlle also coached me on the Josephine knots, and you can view a video she made on that here