Monday, 24 October 2016

Celtic Motif 3

This celtic motif is the third taught by Jennifer Williams at the Fringe Tat Days 2016.  I have been told there are three kinds of celtic tatting; those that involve a third round to intertwine two previous rounds, a long chain wound into a celtic knot and interlocking rings shown here using a celtic shuttle.  Interlocking rings can also be completed using a second set of shuttles.

Since there is not a lot of thread on the celtic shuttle, you could use a regular shuttle and unwind it when you need to complete the interlocking ring and rewind to continue.  You wouldn't need to unwind until you are at the second large ring.

You can make your own celtic shuttle using a bent paperclip or cut and sand down a Popsicle stick.  I had ordered a set from Handy Hands a while back.

I used a size 10 HDT by Karey Solomon. The completed motif measures 2.25 inches or 6 cm across.  It is a good size for a pendant or an ornament if done in a Christmas thread and beads added.

I added cream colored glass pearls, clear glass beads and a ring to act as a bail. The glass beads give the tatting a good weight for a pendant.


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    1. Once you learn the tricks it is actually quite simple. It did take me a while to figure out how to load my beads for the second motif.

  2. Nice !!! And clearly explained .

    1. Thanks Muskaan, perhaps you'll try some celtic tatting.


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