Tuesday 28 July 2015

Split Ring Climbing

It can get a bit tricky but using split rings and split chains to climb from one round to the other saves hiding a few ends.  The last four rings made here are all split rings and helped me complete five arches, this is a portion of arch number six of the Big "monster" Doily.   I tat over tails when I start the arch and climb to the second row using these four split rings. You may need to learn how to join on the second side of a split ring to keep an untwisted climb, I used Jane's site, here is the link.

I have been using Magic Loops or Magic Thread to hide the ends in the last chain.  I tat just a bit loose to allow for the threads which will be hidden beside the core thread.  I start one loop before the other so they end in alternate spots.

I am using some thin strong nylon beading thread which I had on a large cone but the cone is too big to travel with my tatting so I repurposed an empty floss container to hold some spare magic thread.

Just open up the container and wrap your thread around the little spool inside, You even have a cute little cutter, good enough for this thread.  I never had much success until I found the right thread to use.    
I find challenges in each bit of tatting I do, and its the learning and complexity that draws me in.  Just as Knitting or Crochet is not for everyone, neither is tatting.

At the end of these arches I will be giving this monster a slight block on the foam and I will show you the big picture again.  

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Huge Doily tat-along Progress Update

Just a quick little peek at what is happening with my Jan Stawasz Moje Robotki 8/2007 Huge Doily tat-along.  There are ten of these arches, rows 10 and 11. To give you an idea of the current size, that is a large Starlit Shuttle. Those colored blocks on the floor are 24" square.  I am using Coats Aida Ecru 10 which is slightly smaller than Lizbeth 10. 

I tat over tails at the start of the arch and using split rings and chains I climb to the second row.  

The paperclips were put there to mark the arches and keep me on track. 

Sunday 12 July 2015

Tina Frauberger Crowns

I have completed the Bookmark of Tina Frauberger Crowns which was revisited and revised by Robin  Perfetti. The original pattern was published in Schiffchenspitze in 1919 and can be downloaded for free from here. Robin has reworked the pattern and provided drawings and sequence and can be found  here.

Thank you Robin for your hard work and sharing.  I used Omega thread size 30 and purposely used two different colors to practice the Catherine Wheel Joins used in this pattern. I don't know why I avoided learning this join for such a long time, you can find instructions  on Jane's blog of techniques.

Below is a row of Tina's crowns done in size 40 and should be sewn on my cap as I completed it quite some time ago.  The crown pattern has been reworked by Frivole and her comments can be found on her blog here.  

These little Tina's Crowns were my first attempt at using two shuttles and throw rings.  It was only with the tips and encouragement from my  online tatting friends that I was able to complete them.  

How blessed we are in the tatting community to have such talented artists.

Monday 6 July 2015

Renulek Spring Wiosna 2015 Completed

Competed in Sulky 12 wt cotton quilting thread, about 3/4 of one spool.  This Doily measures 14.5 inches or 37 cm in diameter.  I learned quite a bit on this one and used it to practice technique, how I hold the pinch, how not to make a mistake to avoid retrotatting, chain and picot control.

I would recommend anyone who likes fine threads to try Sulky, It comes in a variety of colors and weights.

I took these pictures in the early morning sun before I ran off to work.  I just used my phone camera, it takes a good picture and makes it easy to transfer the photos to the blog.