Friday 26 February 2016

Georgia's Heart

I've been taking some classes, online tatting classes. My teacher is Georgia Seitz and she leads the classes, coordinates guest teachers, provides patterns, teases us with eye candy, distributes the weeks lesson, updates the website and so much more.

This heart is from last week's class and is the logo from her website, The Online Tatting Class.  It can also be found in Book 4 of her Ribbonwinners series, "Tatting on the Edge... and Beyond."

I tatted this with DMC Christmas Red size 80 thread and it fits nicely on one of my crochet hearts.

Remember that International Tatting Day takes place on Friday April 1, 2016.  I've heard that Chocolate goes good with tatting but any treat would be nice.

So make plans now to tat with a buddy that day or tat in public and share the art of tatting to others. The world can always use another tatter.

Saturday 20 February 2016

Making Friends - Tatting Friends

While cleaning up and getting rid of extra stuff this week, I ran across this small sampler I must have created in the 60 or 70's.  Then by mere serendipity I received a call from a tatter for a tat and chat.  We had been trying to connect for a few months now and it finally happened today.

What fun we had.  I brought a few books, lots of little bits of tatting, and a collection of shuttles.   She brought lovely Italian tatting books she has had for many years, some to die for thread you cannot get on this side of the ocean and a book of samples she had created.

Her work contains lots of beading and she has been tatting for a dozen or more years. She tries all kinds of threads, and showed me a little angel she made with some synthetic thread. She has created bits of tatting which her family and friends wear on their sari. 

We reviewed some tatting techniques. I showed her how I open a ring.  We discussed what kinds of shuttles we liked and so much more.

We plan to do this on a more regular basis. So I have met another tatter, the first tatter who lives in my own city. Perhaps I need to add a little shuttle to this sampler.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Yes, another Heart

I had actually finished this heart on Sunday, Valentines Day but it was late and it didn't get uploaded to the blog.

This is the Valentine Heart Bookmark by Janice Blair and was completed using shuttle and ball vintage Coats size 50.  The pattern can be found on the Way Back Machine linked here.

This makes up fast and with a ribbon added it is a quick and easy bookmark.

I love the simplicity of design and easy rhythm of this heart.  A great pattern to travel with.

Monday 15 February 2016

Mixed Media

In honor of Valentines Day, I give you some hearts. There are four different tatted hearts and four identical crochet hearts.

I have made these small crochet pineapple heart sachets for many years and given to my girlfriends on Valentine's Day. They are a modified pattern from an old White Crochet magazine.  I create two pineapple motifs and lace together with ribbon. A small soap can be inserted or a bag of lavender. You could also fill with fiber filling and create a pincushion.  They make up quickly and I now add some tatting to the top to make them my own.

The tatted hearts are as follows:
Starting at 12:00 o'clock is the Sweet Heart Valentine by Maria Lenuta "MaryLena" Pop.  This is a pattern provided by the online tatting class. I created this with one shuttle only. It is similar to ankars tatting.
At 3:00 o'clock is  heart by Agnieszka Dreker and a link to the pattern is here. 
At 6:00 o'clock is a pattern by Eileen Stafford, I made this in Hakelgarn 20 and the pattern is available here.
At 9:00 o'clock is a tatted heart made from a corner vintage pattern,  I spoke about on the blog here.

Thursday 11 February 2016

Vintage Thread Vintage Pattern

I found this deep red cotton thread in my stash of vintage  threads.  It is by J&P Coats Mercer Cotton size 50 and it called me to tat it. I don't have much on the ball and I was looking for a quick heart pattern.

This tatted up quickly using shuttle and ball.  It is a very nice thread to use. What you are seeing in the picture is unblocked and despite a few twisted picots which can be fixed it is a great piece to tat.

I used my Oak shuttle and small hook made by Keld Olesen  purchased at Tat Days; they were the perfect tools for this fine thread.

Have you guessed where the pattern is from yet.  Well I'll tell you, it is from  Clark's O.N.T. J&P Coats Book No. 229 pattern  9106.   This pattern is the corner of a coaster under the Sherry glass on the cover. It made up into a very nice heart.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Exchange Flake Arrived

Just wanted to share with you all the exchange flake that arrived for me.  It came all the way from Denmark from a lady who lives near Copenhagen.  It is tatted in Lizbeth 20 color 185 Arctic Waters.

Along with the flake was this beautiful handmade card with a quilt block designed with paper. Card making is a hobby of this lady. She is also a member of the Danish Tatting Board or Dansk Orkisforening.

Now just waiting for my sent package to arrive at it's destination and hopefully I will hear something by next week.   Thank you to the Fringe Element Tatters for arranging the exchange.  Happy tatting all.