Friday 29 April 2016

Taming the Monster

It is a  very dangerous time just after I finish a project.  I start searching for a new piece to tat and
browse Pinterest and Tatting Blogs to look for ideas and inspiration.  I admit, sometimes I start more than one before finishing any. So now would be a good time to start taming the monster, monster doily that is. I've had the doily sitting idle for long enough and pulled it out of its cloth to try to tackle another row.  

Now for a confession, I had found that a few of the half medallions are attached backwards. I had stopped doing frontside backside on this piece some rows back so it really does not make a difference to the overall design, but another tatter/crafter may notice.  I have been wondering if I should redo them or not and have decided not to. (I actually could have redone them by now).  

I began this doily/tablecloth for myself and I do want to start using it before we buy a square dining table.  My mother did this and then had all these circular tablecloths that she didn't use.

That is all for now. I'll post updates as I get this done and on to my dining room table.

Progress Update: Row 12 started. Using Aida 10 Ecru 

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Vapor Stitch

One of the classes I took in Spokane was called "All Geared Up". Natalie Rogers taught how to do the Vapor Stitch. Natalie found the instructions for this stitch on Ninetta Caruso blog and created a pattern for this steampunk inspiration.  This stitch can be used to create a corner in tatting which is actually a little curled stitch.

Natalie says she creates a vapor stitch then does a lock join then another vapor stitch to get the stitch to look like it wraps around a corner.  I need to try that next.

This thread is Lizbeth 20 Scottsh Thistle 175 a gift from another tatter.

Monday 25 April 2016

Tatsy Shuttle

Just back from Shuttlebirds and had such a wonderful time.  We left home at 8:20 AM and arriving at the hotel at 3:30 PM (+1) so an 8 hour drive including one border crossing.  Hubby brought his bike along and went for a ride along the many bike trails in Spokane, I went to tat.

Almost everyone there was wearing the Patti Duff Lanyard.  The finished lanyard has a nice weight and sits and flat against the neck without twisting.

I happen to have a Tatsy shuttle which can hold the 250 beads needed for the project.  This Kelly Green color 713 Lizbeth 20 thread was a trade I acquired at the conference and I bought a tube of size 6 beads and loaded up.  It is important to get the first double stitch of the ring tight against the previous bead but once that is in place the remainder of the ring goes quickly.

This project is perfect for travelling as it is only rings so no ball thread is required.  Once I had a good length tatted, I temporarily attached a small hook to the lanyard and everything fit neatly into my eyeglass case along with a pair or cheaters (eyeglasses).

This pattern is very versatile and a good beginner project. The lanyard can be wrapped around the wrist to make a bracelet and depending on the endings it can be used for eyeglasses, name tags or a matching pendant added. You have an endless choice of bead and thread combinations. The finished length is 32 inches long.

Friday 22 April 2016

Zebrano Pop A Bobbin

Courtesy of the Royal Mail or Royal Fail as one tatter calls it, I am now the proud owner of a Zebrano  Pop-A-Bobbin. I love the unique striped color of the wood and look forward to using it. The shuttle will take  my Aero and Aerlit bobbins so the bobbin winder will be getting a workout.

A big thank you to Jane and Sally and of course "I'm in the Garage".

I learned to tat on Susan Bates white (clover lookalike) post shuttles and have always had a soft spot for these which I now have collected a few new and used.  I have metal shuttles, clovers, tatsy, starlit and moonlit, pony  and two other wooden shuttles.  Without planning I now have a small shuttle collection.  Do you collect shuttles and do you have a favorite? 

Wednesday 13 April 2016

The Saga of the Bobbin Winder

I was visiting my Dad and he likes to work in his shop/garage.  He is always making things and loves a challenge.  I saw some nice thread holders at a conference last year and thought he could build something for me.  We talked some more and I said I would also need a bobbin winder so this is what he came up with.

I had given him three balls of thread of different sizes, that is why you see three sizes of thread holders or spindles.  The winder portion rotates so you can line up the winder and ball.  A wingnut holds the bobbin on the winder and a simple elastic band works as the belt.  He gave me a stash of elastics.  It comes with a little wrench and the whole thing fits inside a custom box, shown below. The base and crank are made of plexiglass.

The video below shows it in action.  It takes me about two minutes to wind a bobbin which includes me taking the whole thing out of it's custom box.  Not bad for a guy of 89 next week. Thanks Dad.

Saturday 9 April 2016

Hair Ornament

I've created this five petal bloom to wear in my hair.  It is attached to a finding which is on a hairpin. The hand dyed thread is called Corsage by Marilee Rockley.