Friday, 12 August 2016

Bits and Pieces

When I finish a project there is usually some thread left on the shuttle.  I either wind the excess back on the ball or if it is only a few feet, I make little daisy flowers.  These flowers are a ring of five of six large picots with a stitch between. 

I also keep any bits of lace that have been cut off of other projects.  

I made these bits and pieces into contact cards.  They have come in handy at a visit to a local thread shop and when I meet other tatters or someone interested in tatting. 

I made up the cards using my old laser printer and cardstock, designed with space on the left to place the tatting.  I cut them and used white glue to attach a few daisies or a bit of cut lace.  

Just leave them to dry and pack a few into your tatting travel bag and your done.

This idea was inspired from a card I received from another tatter last year and  I just had to share.


  1. Neat idea!!! They look great!

  2. Nice idea you have no waste here and all can get enough to tempted them to your shop!

    1. I don't have a shop but I hope they are tempted to tat.

  3. Great idea & the cards look very pretty. To think these are scraps!
    I've used tatting on cards/envelopes, but not bits & pieces ... now I will :-)

  4. That's a lovely idea, I do butterflies or flowers which I put onto greeting cards, but that's another good idea to show what tatting is, I have printed cards with my knitted tablecloth Center printed on but I think I will make a few of these cards for those interested in tatting

  5. Great tatting enhanced cards!!! :)


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