Sunday 23 April 2017

Spring Wiosna 2017 Round 8

 My head still hurts, using vintage thread is trial and error. After thread breakage four times at the start of this round I unwound the shuttle and tried with another ball.  Sometimes the thread is dirty on the outside and sometime rotten on the inside of the ball. The second ball was not any better but I managed to get to the end of round 8.

I did climb out of this round but it is time for a color change so I'll be cutting thread this time.  

This is the third Renulek Doily I have tried and it always amazes me how they seamlessly come together.  So far this one is laying nicely without blocking.  If you need the link to Renulek's blog it is here.

So what did this round teach me?  How to add thread ....

Monday 17 April 2017

The Day After Easter

I forgot to post these tatted eggs for Easter so I offer them up to you today.  The tatted bits are a design by Sally Kerson, Button Egg Pattern and can be found here.

We dyed some hard boiled eggs over the weekend and the last of the dyed eggs were eaten for lunch.  In some of these I used a small Chinese coin instead of a button but beware the right size button must be used.  Hope you all had a great day and Happy Tatting. 

Monday 10 April 2017

Spring Wiosna 2017 Round 6

I have completed Round 6 of the Wiosna 2017. Row 5 seemed too tight but this last row settled the cupping even though this ball of  vintage thread broke at least three times.  

Warning, do not tat with moist hands. These old threads are very dry and just a tiny bit of moislure will cause them to swell. Just wait for the thread to dry and then close the ring. 

I climbed on to round 7 using a split chain and split ring, very useful techniques since I am not changing color yet.  I have a plain green on the core thread S1 and a  variegated green thread on shuttle 2. Currently just over 5 inches in diameter.

If you are interested in starting this doily you can find the pattern by Renata Niemczyk on her blog. She releases a new round about once a week. She also sells the entire pattern on her Etsy page.

Saturday 8 April 2017

For his Guild

I had a request in mid March for some "tattings of jewelry nature" that would be for sale. The request was for a door prize at a "Twisted Sisters Craft Guild".  I offered all I had and two earrings were chosen.

The top earrings are Sweetheart by Marilee Rockley, they are actually navy blue, size 20 Hakelgarn.  The pattern is in her Boutique tatting book. Available from Yarnplayer or her Etsy page.

The lower pair in black is by Corina Mayfeldt  Waves done with silver beads and size 50 Altin Basak.

Thursday 6 April 2017

Around the world in 8 days

I ordered some Clover bobbin shuttles and am taking them for a spin tonight.  They arrived from Japan in 8 days. The shuttle length is the same length as the post shuttles with the pick having the exact curve. Once a full bobbin is inserted the width does increase slightly.

Each shuttle comes with two bobbins and a bobbin winder. The winder holds a bobbin either in the cradle part or the winding end.  In the cradle it doubles as the ball thread and does not spin. To change shuttles, just exchange the bobbin in the shuttle.  

I have never been in the habit of pulling on a shuttle for more thread, rather I use my thumb to turn the bobbin and this is how you must use these shuttles.

 When I bought these, the website said that the bobbins do NOT fit other shuttles and they are a bit taller than Aero or Aerlit bobbins. I did squeeze one into a pop-a-bobbin but I am not short of bobbins. I have some cheap shuttles that have hooks that the clover bobbins fit into.  Extra bobbins can be purchased and they come with a bobbin winder. Lucky me the bobbins do fit my bobbin winder.

Each bobbin has a little corner loop on the post which you are instructed to tie the thread through. The instructions I received were in Japanese they have one page with shuttle and bobbin instructions and the other side with tatting instructions and diagrams.

I also  bought the shuttle and bobbin case shown below. So far I am quite impressed with these clover bobbin shuttles.  

Saturday 1 April 2017

Happy ITD

April 1 marks International Tatting Day and tatters around the world are encouraged to celebrate and participate by tatting in public.  For some reason unbeknownst to me eating chocolate is also involved. I celebrated with tatting at home and chocolate was involved. I also attended the online tatting class which is always a pleasure to reconnect with other tatters.

Speaking of other tatters this lovely maple leaf arrived yesterday as part of an exchange from another tatter in Canada.  She is reminded of maple syrup time which means that Spring has arrived.  If you have ever spent a winter in Canada you will know how wonderful the first signs of Spring feel.

I have heard that my exchange has also arrived to the home of a tatter in the UK.

What did you do for ITD?