Monday, 5 December 2016

The Exchange Stars

These two stars were sent off to the land of Oz as part of an exchange and I have heard word that they have arrived. The yellow one is designed by Joëlle Paulson  called Crystal Star. The pattern can be found on her Etsy site.  It is tatted with Pineapple Parfait Lizbeth 170 and light green 4 mm crystals were used. 

I didn't know the size of my beads but I had a knitting gauge. I used the gauge to determine that these were 4mm crystals.  

The lower  star is by Jane Eborall and can be found on her pattern page. I tatted this star with Sunkist Coral Lizbeth 706 and used some  silver seed beads at all picots and joins.  

Additionally I sent off some  hand dyed thread for my exchange partner to try.  If she sends a picture of her tatting I'll be sure to share. 

I used my pop a bobbin shuttle which has the perfect hook to work with beads and can also accommodate the beads on the bobbin.  Be sure to take a look on the techniques page to know how to do those beads in the center. 


  1. Beautiful stars, and I love the way the beads come together in the center of Jane's star. I'm sure your exchange partner will be very pleased!

  2. You did an awesome job on both of those fabulous stars!!! :)

  3. Wow, love then both ! I agree with Robin about the center beads in Jane's star. Great job .


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