Wednesday 19 September 2018


It is an oak leaf, we don't have them here.   The pattern is in the book Tatting turns over a new leaf by Karey Solomon. 

I tatted this in a size 40 Lizbeth thread color 136 Autumn Spice.   I had an almost full bobbin and working CTM with a ball was able to do this in one pass including the little acorn on the end.  The finished leaf length is 5cm or 2 inches.

I think it would look good on a card. This pattern works up very quickly.  So quickly that I think I will make another. 

Saturday 8 September 2018

Bookmark Maria

This cross is a pattern from Tatted Bookmarks - cross shaped by my friend Lene Bj⌀rn.  The pattern is called Maria.

I put a green ribbon through this bookmark.  The pattern worked up really fast and I used the ball and one shuttle as it is only rings and chains.  The finished length is 5.75 inches or 13 cm.

 I used more of the Coats Ecru size 20 partial ball I was gifted.

Wednesday 5 September 2018

Ribbon Bookmark

This is the Ribbon Bookmark from Lindsay Rogers Mastering Tatting.    My version is on the Left and the picture from the book on the Right.  It is almost the same size.

I acquired this vintage thread, Coats, size 20, ecru. A nice thread but only a partial ball.

I haven't been tatting much lately and I was not happy with the result of the chains.  The thread did not slide as smoothly as I like and uneven stitches resulted. 

I made this up in one afternoon, it measures 6 inches or 15 cm long.  This bookmark has already been gifted. 

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Pioneer Acres of Alberta Museum

This past August I had the pleasure of joining the Wild Rose Lacemakers and demo for three days at Pioneer Acres. 

The lady in the first picture is spinning flax.  She was in the Quilt room and I enjoyed seeing the vintage quilts. 

The second picture is one of our guild members who has just let this young girl try her hand at bobbin lace.  She did such a good job that she got to keep the lace.

That little girl came back the next day and tried her hand at tatting and was able to make a few good flips.  I gave everyone who tried tatting a small tatted heart.

It was a wonderful weekend and I even met a few tatters, one woman brought her vintage book to show me.  I hope to go again next year.