Thursday 10 February 2022

Scissor Sheath

While stitching with a friend I lent my scissors; they commented on them so I thought, somebody needs scissors. Then I saw some cute scissors for a low price and ordered them.  They did not come with a sheath.  I like to keep my scissors in a sheath to protect the tips and my threads in my project bag so I needed to create one.  

I had a few bits of  leather, traced a pattern, cut and lightly glued the two pieces along the edge.  Then I used a tracing wheel to create the distance between stitches. I used an awl to make holes. I used two needles and a saddle stitch to stitch around the edge, backstitching at the start and stop. 

The next time I see my stitching friend I will gift these scissors and sheath.   

I added a bit of tatting to the scissors and included one of my needle minders to the gift. 

They were well received, happy stitching. 

Thursday 3 February 2022

Emblem Tatting

Her name is Clematis and she takes 144 beads on the shuttle.  This is a ring only one shuttle pattern.  The directions are given in English, Japanese and diagramed.  

Once you understand the notation you can quickly tat this motif.  I used some seed beads and 6 strand Sanbest thread.  I was able to fill a large clover shuttle with all the beads and enough thread to complete. 

The design is from the book Emblem Tatting by Mikami Gaku.   As soon as I shop my stash for some additional beads I'll be making another.