Friday, 17 November 2017


Here are a few bells.  The one with the ribbon is actually crochet (my design) and was a favor I handed out at my wedding.   I had a few leftover from the wedding and have put them up on the tree every year.

I recall I made about 140 bells, the ribbon has our names on one end and the date on the other.  The bell is a little yellow but still holds its shape.  My guess is that the stiffener has turned yellow. 

The second bell is shown in detail on green, it is a pattern from Renulek and available on her Etsy site.  A nice size bell, made in three rounds. It holds its shape and needs no stiffener.

The next bell is a pattern I found on Pinterest and traced back to this website. The designer is Ewa.

Finally the smallest bell is a great pattern by Roberta D'Annaballe.

All the tatted bells were done in Lizbeth 601 Snow White size 20.  I believe the one with the ribbon was done in Daisy size 30.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Diagonal Potholders

One gal in my Tai Chi class asked if I could fix some potholders for her.  She said she had them for years and they finally broke down in the dryer.  I looked at them and figured out how they were made and I have since made her a few new pairs.  

This easy potholder pattern is a double layer of crochet with the stitches going in opposite directions. They give great heat resistance being 100% cotton and are easy to clean.  I made this set  including the matching dishcloth. 

I'd forgotten how fast these made up.  I also found a link to the pattern. Enjoy.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Beaded Reticule

This small tatted bag was done in Lizbeth size 10 Color 684 Leaf Green, the beads are a 3mm purple. This was a class I took at Fringe Tat days in 2016.  This is a Karey Solomon pattern and she taught the class too. I have been sorting and organizing and found this WIP, (work in progress).

As I remember, I purchased a kit with blue thread but while tatting I ran into a knot so the green was substituted.

It is a bit fiddly to work with all these beads on such a small project and the weight of the beads makes the reticule heavy.  I had no problem loading the beads on a large clover shuttle. The reticule is 3 inches at the widest part and not quite large enough for a small clover shuttle.  But if you have a barbie doll this bag is a perfect fit.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Matching Clip

Just enough thread left on the shuttle to complete the badge clip cover matching the retractable Measuring Tape. 

This pattern was compiled by Diane Daiker and available as one of the classes at The Fringe Element Tatters Fall 2017 workshop.  It is done in a size 10 Hand Painted Thread by Karey Solomon of Graceful Arts.  The color is called Haloweenie 2.

There should be a metal split ring attached to the clip at the back but I have temporarily put a bent paperclip in until I find a ring the right size. 

You can attach your scissors to the badge attachment at the  bottom and the blue ribbon at the top goes around your neck.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Measure Up

This is the result of a class I took at Fringe with the teacher Diane Dalker.  Diane adapted the pattern from "Ecru Doily Pattern" from New Twist on Tatting by Catherine Austin, Sterling Publications, 1994.  It is a tatted cover for a retractable measureing tape.

I made this in a size 10 Hand Painted Thread of Karey Solomon of Graceful Arts. This color is called Halloweenie 2.    

Fringe also provided another pattern by Diane Daiker to cover a retractable badge holder which they suggest you use for scissors.  

I have one of those and must may make a matching set.