Thursday, 7 November 2019

More Bells

Recently I was involved in an exchange that asked you to share a tatted bell with the recipient.  I made the pinkish bell using rings only and bare thread.  I did add one row of chains at the bottom row.  I just increased rings or bare thread as required to make the ball shape.  I didn't think this bell would travel well so I made more.

 I completed the two flat bells below following a pattern by Judith Connors in the book Contemporary Tatting, New Designs from an Old Art. 

This is a great pattern and uses SCMR, throw rings and split rings I didn't have the type of bead she suggested so I made some new ones. 

Again I changed my mind and these two bells did not make there way to the recipient, rather I may keep them for myself.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Ankars Earrings

I had a bit of thread on the shuttles and tried out these  Ankars earrings by Kelly Dunn.  She taught this as a needle pattern at Fringe this fall.  I was not in her class but Fringe provides all patterns to registrants.

You will see a seed bead at the loop of the earrings. I have not gone through a ring rather through a picot and hope that seed bead will prevent the thread from working its way loose.

I also added the larger blue beads on both sides, that is why they are not laying flat for the photo.  

You can make this as a shuttle only pattern  by pulling some  thread off the shuttle before you start.  Then just finger tat the few chain stitches.  You could also plan a bit ahead and put the centre beads on the thread before you start. 

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Silver Bells

These earrings are a surprise birthday gift for my Aunt Donna. She loves silver jewelry.  I used a Lizbeth Metallic Frappe thread and blue beads. Just another Joyful Bell pattern by Marilee Rockley.

I made her the name tag too. I had made her one before but it didn't match her personality so I now she has one made with Rainbow Splash by Lizbeth.  I hope she likes them.

I just used the end of my steel crochet hook to make the picots all the same size.  The pattern is by Kathy Lowe and can be found here.  There is a pattern for five or seven letters, using split rings with the beads in the center, You could add a bead  or use initials to get to the five or seven ring combination.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Honeycomb Charm Kit

Wish you were at Palmetto Tat Days?

Inside my goodie bag at Palmetto was this package with  thread and a hexagon shaped piece of wood; called a Honeycomb Charm kit 2019.  The gift was donated by Viki Clarke and the pattern available on her blog here.  She also has other free patterns too.

I tatted up the charm and was a bit nervous as I neared the end and wondered if the honeycomb would fit inside the tatting.   Yes it did.  I used the leftover thread for the fringe. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Blue Bells

These little blue bells are done using a lovely 12wt Wonderfil thread.  I really should have bought less than the 400 m spool.   I guess you will just be seeing more of these earrings.  The pattern is Joyful Bell by Marilee Rockley and available free on her blog.

I used a little trick to end these by using a single shuttle split ring (SSSR).  When you wrap the thread just wrap twice being careful not to cross the threads. This gives more stability to the last ring.

I tie a knot before starting the SSSR and hide one thread in the first half of the ring.  The second half is padded from the SSSR thus the ring looks equal and no ends to hide.

 I have already gifted a pair to my niece but I see the earring bends when worn so I may need to stiffen them a bit.  Remember to wipe off the beads before the stiffening dries to keep the beads shiny.