Tuesday, 8 August 2023

Reversible Pendant

 This is the Reversible Pendant that Marie taught at Shuttlebirds this year BUT.... I used a gold 6 strand Sandbest thread and only put 15 spokes on  AND used a bead gifted to me from Jane.  It worked up very fast and I have already given it away.

I made this second pendant, again changing up the number of spokes.  I did this one in a silver Sanbest thread. It looks great on both sides. 

Wednesday, 12 July 2023


This year I put two entries into the Calgary Stampede Creative Arts and Crafts Competition.  The Section is called Knit and Crochet and within this section is a class for tatting.  The only other place I can enter tatting is in the Theme Section which is won by popular peoples choice.  The theme changes yearly and this year it was for All things Calgary.  I just didn't get on with it early enough to enter.

Much to my surprise I won two ribbons.  The blue one is second place for my "Woodland Scene".  I had no idea how this would look until I completed it.  I made about 8 pinecones but only 4 made the final piece.  I learned to make the pinecones at Camp Wanna Tat and the flowers at Shuttlebirds.  I added crystals to the flowers and tatted leaves around the edges to frame the design. 

The red ribbon is a first class ribbon and the piece is the "Reversible Pendant".  I took the class at Shuttlebirds this past spring.  I promised my teacher Marie that I would enter it in the Calgary Stampede and I'm sure glad I did.  I really like this pattern and will be tatting it again.

Thanks to all the teachers and designers who played a big part in the event and have helped me be a better tatter. 

Saturday, 22 April 2023

Tea Totes

The tea totes began as a bag of pearl cotton gifted for tatting.  I used over 20 balls for tatting kits and there were still plenty left.  I was looking for a small project and found these tea totes on Ravelry. 

I didn't use the Ravelry pattern, rather with the idea and inspiration I made up my own design.

This  single crochet project uses about 15 grams of  2 ply pearl cotton. The average size is 3 by 3 inches.   I had  been gifted a package of floral wooden buttons.  I think I was supposed to tat with them but they ended up being closures for the Tea Totes.  

These little totes work well when you use a small clutch or just slip into your pocket. Not only a sachet of tea fits nicely but here are a few other things to put in your tea tote:

  • small tatting project with shuttles
  • pills/ medication
  • contact lens
  • dental floss and picks
  • lotion
  • lipstick/gloss
  • tissue/hanky
  • breath mints/candy
  • needle case/sewing kit
  • sweeteners/condiments
  • credit card
  • small spray cologne
  • Eyeglass cloth
  • Band-Aids
  • hair clips
  • ear buds
  • jewelry for travel
  • feminine products
  • condoms

Monday, 17 April 2023


These are butterflies I made for the Spring Fling happening in May with my guild CGNFA. Although I won't be attending this year, I made up some butterflies to adorn the tables and bags. 

I used a variety of threads from my stash, mostly cottons.  I used this pattern from Crochet 365.  

Now you may ask why I didn't tat them, and its a matter of time. I can crochet faster than tatting but I'm hoping to change that.  

Friday, 14 April 2023

Three Tatters

It took three tatters to make this project bag, Amy created the bag and gifted to me, Irene created the zipper fob and gifted to me. Finally I created the tatted edge. 

I love how my scissors cannot penetrate the bag and the zipper fob makes it easy to open and close. The batik fabric is different on each side and the variegated  thread worked out well on them both. 

Happy Tatting, keep creative.  Oh and thanks again Amy and Irene.