Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Size Matters

Yes, size matters when it comes to picots.  These are small, medium and large picots all done with the same stitch count, creating three different looks.   This is the Star in 2 Colors with Pearls by Inga Madsen from the book "Christmas Decorations in Tatting". Below you can see what they look like on the other side.  I also did one without beads.

These are all done using vintage thread size 70. The white was a Lily the red a Coats and Clark thread with price tags 15 and 10 cents respectively.  


Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Inga Madsen


Here is a lovely snowflake I received from Inga Madsen  She has a new tatting book "Christmas Decorations in Tatting" and was matched with me in a tatting exchange arranged the The Fringe Element Tatters.  The snowflake made its way from Denmark to me in Canada. Thanks Inga, this one will go on my holiday tree.

Friday, 20 November 2020

Joyce's Angel

She is called Joyce's Angel but she will be going to my sister who has a holiday tree full of angels and her favorite color is blue.  This is a pattern by Martha Ess and available on her blog here

I tatted this using my never ending spool of Wonderfil thread. It works up in a size 80 to a final size of 6 cm or 2.5 inches.  I added beads to the first six picots or the pattern gives stitch count for a halo.

There is also another discussion of this  Angel using a half moon split ring.

With the Wonderfil thread still on the shuttles I made up these quick earrings found on Facebook site of Svetlana Borovik or on Youtube video here.  I do not like how the two ends finish up so I have an idea on how to make these sit better on the ear wires.

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Star Motif

 This is Star Motif from the pamphlet Tatting by Penelope Book 3. The picture is at the beginning of the book but the instructions are at the end.  I was inspired by this motif when I first learned to tat and will admit that I COPY TATTED it.  It was a time before I learned to read patterns so I counted stitches.  I felt so bad that I worked to obtain the pattern legally and now have done that and along the way also supported many tatting artists by purchasing shuttles, books and thread.  

I love to tat this pattern.  I do it with two shuttles, using split rings and a split chain to climb to the next round. I tat this at least once a year.  The top pattern is done in a size 80 vintage thread and woks out to 4.25 inches.  It has made its way to Europe in a tatting exchange.  The lower one was done with Wonderfil thread, I made two Wonderfil motifs which will be given away in a local exchange later this year. 

Size 20 yields a star 5.5" size 10 yields a star 7.25" and size 80 makes a star 4.25"

Sunday, 15 November 2020

More Earsavers and Mask Chains/Lanyards

I had given away all my other ear savers so I made more. I added the buttons at the first join from each end and then added beads to make them pretty. These are done in a size 10 Lysbet super cotton thread. If you are interested in making some for yourself, family and friends just try this Pattern from Vicki.

If  you made these longer, add a clip to each end and attach the clip to your mask ear elastics you could remove your mask and it would hang on your chest.  Then you could easily remove it and put it back on without touching the mask, just the  elastics.  It would be similar to my eyeglass lanyard so I never lose my glasses. Actually any lonely necklace would work if you could add a clip or safety pin to each end.

I have also seen bits of tatting added to the side of a mask like a charm.  They can either be attached or left to swing like earrings. 

No matter what your do with mask embellishment tatting be sure to wash between uses.