Tuesday 29 August 2017

One Shuttle Earrings

Quick and easy these three sets came from one shuttle of leftover thread, It is a size 20, gifted shuttle wound with this thread, a pink and white variegated.  The beads give the earrings some weight and assist with keeping the shape.

I loaded the beads on the shuttle, pulled of a yard of thread and made the first ring.  I finished off the earring with a SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Ring).  I was able to hide the ball thread in the first side of the SSSR.

All the beads are on rings so this would make a good travel project. 

Sunday 27 August 2017

Trim and Earrings

Someone else in tatland was putting trim on a shirt as it happens at the same time I was tatting with King Tut cotton quilting thread with the same thought.  I had bought two cotton shirts and will be wearing this one to Fringe next month.  If you see me wearing it be sure to say hello.

I believe the trim is a vintage pattern, can't remember where I found it but I had pulled quite a few books off the shelf and they have all been put away now.

I used a size 14 crochet hook to hook a chain and attached the tatting to the shirt.  I thought this way if there was any pull on the shirt it would be on the crochet not the tatting. I've sprayed with water and left overnight and it is laying very flat against the binding around the neckline.  I was able to ease the trim into that V at the bottom.

The earring pattern is one I found on the internet with no reference.  The beads are really too big for the thread but I didn't have time to search my stash as we had company in the spare room where the beads are kept so these will have to do.

If I was to do them again I would just pull off a yard from the shuttle as you don't use much ball thread for this pattern and all the beads are on rings so they are loaded on the shuttle. If I feel brave this may be a good pattern for the plane ride.

Saturday 19 August 2017

King Tut Threads

This is King Tut Color 918. You can see the color change is very short.  I thought I would try to make some trim for new shirts.  This is the top of the spool and the tatting is sitting on a clover sized shuttle.

The first pattern I tried is called Tradition. I didn't like how it  was not lying flat so I've picked another to try.  The shirt has a "V" neckline and I will trim only from the shoulder seams forward but I do have that one corner to deal with.  Any tips?

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Spring Wiosna 2017 Completed

I was in a slump, a tatting slump.  I started this doily way back here so I am very happy to say that the Spring Wiosna 2017 is finally completed.

I enjoy working with vintage thread but it has its challenges.  I had one ball that was totally rotted and I had already wound a shuttle full before I found out.

The doily is all done with a size 80 threads by J&P Coats. The doily is sitting on a pink 12 inch by 12 inch sheet so you can see the size.

There are a few mistakes in this so I will be keeping this one.

Many thanks to Renulek who provided this pattern on a weekly basis.