Monday 13 January 2020

Hold on a minute

Another year here and many new things happening in 2020. Firstly on the tatting front I must get some of my projects finished from past conferences and workshops.

I will post my progress as it happens.

I have also been reviewing conferences I want to attend in 2020 and reviewing costs and logistics.  I hope to see many of my tatting friends and see all the wonderful things being done round the world.

If you have ever considered attending a workshop or conference please do so.  It is very rewarding and will give your craft a boost, plus it would be fun to see you too.

Below are the tatting events happening in 2020 with links to the web pages.

Finger Lakes  CANCELLED

Shuttlebirds  CANCELLED

Tatting Corner Tat Days Rescheduled


Fringe Element Tatters  CANCELLED

Happy Tatting

Thursday 9 January 2020

Test tat

I was asked to test tat a new little motif by Robin B a new tatting designer.   You can find a link to the pattern on her facebook Robin's Nest Tatting Designer page here

I love how it almost looks interwoven but it is not.  Just three little rounds.

I started on a chain and used a split ring to climb to the second round.  Then I added magic loops to the first and last chain and no ends to sew in.

Using a Coats thread size 20 the small doily measures 4.25 inches from point to point.

To start on a chain you can use a paper clip or one of those coiless safety pins.  You might try what I did by starting with an unflipped second half and then with a flipped second half counting as the first double stitch and you can remove your paperclip once the chain is completed. 

Thursday 2 January 2020

More Exchanges

 This array of  card, flattened bottle caps and the beaded and tatted bell covering the glass bell ornament arrived today from Kentucky.   The sender packaged it well and the glass ornament arrived safely.

Thanks to the Fringe Element Tatters another exchange completed.

Also below is the cover to a needlebook I received from an exchange  held by a guild I belong to. It is so cute how the needlebook is the front and back of the house.  I love it, you can never have too many.

Maybe just me but that house is asking for some tatting don't you think?