Saturday 23 July 2016

Tatting Can Leave You In Stitches

The Fringe Element Tatters are having another exchange and we are to do something using a variety of stitches.  So I have made a few tallies.  First a piece for practice.

The pattern is by Mimi Dillman, Tatted Cluny Coaster Variation and is available for download here. There is also a link to a cluny instruction page, both shuttle and needle. You will make 32 tallies for this pattern.

I am using a gifted vintage thread, size 30, color unknown.  It was wrapped around an envelop so perhaps whatever was originally made was undone.  The thread is very smooth so perfect for cluny making. The color change helps me keep track of the threads and I can count the wraps easily.

I have found that as I go along in this pattern the tallies are getting a wee bit better.  I still have quite a bit of twisting but hope that blocking will save me.

I need to figure out how to put in a picot for joining between tallies. I found that the pop a bobbin provided adjustable tension and sat nicely behind my fingers and kept the center thread tight.  When I wrapped the thread around my little finger it was too slippery and didn't stay.   I also found that I don't need a lot of space for the loom if  I use a thin shuttle for wrapping.  With less space you can wrap faster and there is less of a chance to drop your shuttle.

I used a post-it note to mark my place in the pattern and just realized I could use one to assist in keeping the tallies more consistent. Well the final piece is below and I'm feeling more confident. I know the tallies are not near perfect but I was able to close them all without breaking thread and no cramping of my hand.  I just may make another.

Tuesday 19 July 2016

More Coasters

It is still summer here and I am taking advantage of every minute.  I've done up a batch of raspberry jam, a batch of apricot jam and a batch of peach jam. We are eating from the garden now, lettuce and beet tops too.  The potatoes are blooming and I've managed to keep the weeds at bay.

I have tatted more of Robin Perfetti's coasters using the Rico cotton.  This is the Rosette Coaster and I completed it in one round. One thing to remember when doing Robin's pattern is to tighten up your chains. I didn't do this very well in a few spots.

Another hint is to use a reversed stitch (like the second half of a split ring) when you are doing the chains between the rings on the last round. that way you don't have to change shuttles, just pick up the ball thread.
 This next coaster is the Victorian Coaster and I completed this in one round.  One thing to remember about reading this pattern is that the color coding does not refer to the shuttle to use but rather the thread from the shuttle that is making the stitches not the core thread.

The patterns are available from her etsy shop.