Friday 22 November 2019

Still Another Angel

I purchased the set of 3d Angels from Renata Niemczyk/Renulek from her etsy site.  I used a  vintage thread Coats 30.  They are less than 2.5 inches tall .  I used a white pearl bead  about 14mm.   

Each angel is constructed the same but each has a different finish to the skirt which makes them even more unique.  I need to make a few more because these are already spoken for and I'd like a few for my tree.

Sorry for the poor photographs today, the light just didn't want to come into the kitchen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Tuesday 19 November 2019

An angel for M

One of the ladies from the Wild Rose lace makers Guild gifted me a tin box full of her excess jewellery. Inside the tin were  many  shiny pieces, bangles, bracelets,  beads and chains. She thought they would be useful for me to tat around. 

As a thank you I have made her this angel.  The tiny halo is tatted with a Diamant metallic thread color D301. It is a shiny copper color to match the repurposed bead which has a glint of copper inside. 

I have tatted the body with a vintage Coats size 30.  The body is stiffened with white school glue diluted with water. 

The designer is Orsi from Hungry and at one time she sold her pattern on Etsy but it's still available on her blog here.  She also provides information to make another version of this angel and a head.

Thursday 7 November 2019

More Bells

Recently I was involved in an exchange that asked you to share a tatted bell with the recipient.  I made the pinkish bell using rings only and bare thread.  I did add one row of chains at the bottom row.  I just increased rings or bare thread as required to make the ball shape.  I didn't think this bell would travel well so I made more.

 I completed the two flat bells below following a pattern by Judith Connors in the book Contemporary Tatting, New Designs from an Old Art. 

This is a great pattern and uses SCMR, throw rings and split rings I didn't have the type of bead she suggested so I made some new ones. 

Again I changed my mind and these two bells did not make there way to the recipient, rather I may keep them for myself.