Sunday 31 January 2016

Winter Frost Exchange Flake

This blue flake is on its way to my partner in an exchange organized by the Fringe Element Tatters.  I have been in only one exchange before and for me it worked out. I sent a gift and received a gift. 

But I know that is not always the case.  Sometimes things get in the way and beyond  our best efforts an exchange may not make it to the intended recipient.  I have done my best on this side. I'll let you know when my recipient receives this.

This is Winter Frost by Robin Perfetti.  I was able to be one of her test tatters for this flake and the pattern is for sale at her Etsy store. Tatted in Size 20 with Lizbeth thread Turquoise Lt. number 662. Keep the chains tight and even and you'll have no problems with this flake.

Friday 29 January 2016

First Snowfall

This little flake is called First Snowfall and is by Robin Perfetti and can be found on her blog,  She has quite a few free tatting patterns for you to try.  

I used a vintage variegated blue cotton thread by Coats & Clark, size 70.  It says color 14 on the inside and held up well with no breakage. This is without any blocking.

I am still creating diversions from the big doily but I'll get to it soon.  

If you haven't heard the Shuttlebirds have opened up registration  for the 20th Annual Workshop, April 15 - 16, 2016.  Perhaps I will see you there. :)

Thursday 21 January 2016

Winter blues

I've got the Winter Blues so I used up some gifted thread and tatted up these two flakes.  The top is Sharon Briggs 2015 Snowflake and she shares her pattern with us  and it is linked here.  It is an easy pattern and can be done in one round using a split ring and split chain.  I tried using a SCMR for the center ring but don't like how it turned out. 

The lower flake is Loop de Loop by Teri Dusenbury.  It is tatted in one round using split rings. The pattern is also available on her website and she provides clear instructions.  I did find that Teri has her own way of notation but once you build a key it works well. This is my first pattern by Teri Dusenbury. If you would like to try the pattern here is a link. 

Both flakes measure 2.75 inches across. The same thread for both flakes was gifted and wound in a ball like you would if you undid some crochet. My guess is that it is a vintage Coats Thread size 30.  The cream color does appear dirty (but it is not), otherwise a nice thread to tat with. 

Now I don't have the blues too bad, just can't seem to pick up my big doily and get it done.  Need me some inspiration.  

Friday 8 January 2016

Crotat - in the begining

I've often looked at Crotatting a marriage between crochet and tatting, and wanted to give it a try.  This year I was able to acquire just the proper hook to use with  my large stash of crochet threads.  I have some larger crotat hooks but they are best to be used with yarn. 

Like any new craft it takes a bit of practice.  I started about six times before I was not splitting/breaking the thread and able to make this lariat necklace with pearl beads.  I found the crotat hook difficult to make the chain stitches so I switched to a regular crochet hook for those. 

I am using this necklace to try different ways of doing the flowers, practice different joins, ways of adding beads and even made some Josephine knots.  By the end of the necklace I should be much better than the start.  

The beads give it a bit of weight and its the perfect necklace for a friend who is allergic to metals.   

I used size 10 cotton thread  and a 1.0 mm crotat hook.   You can see the comparison with a 1 mm  US 11/12 which is below.   The thumb rest on the crochet hook makes it very easy to make the chain stitches, well at least for me.

The picture of the clover and JK below is with a 100%  mulberry silk yarn and a 1.5 mm hook.  The stitches look similar to needle tatting so puffy as opposed to shuttle tatting.

Monday 4 January 2016

Heart Doily

Finally, I have completed this doily.  I used Hakelgarn size 20.  Odd but the yellow thread was not as smooth as the blue or rust.  The completed size is 15.5 inches or 37 cm.  That is one of the larger clover shuttles in the picture. The pattern can be found at Land of Laces website.

The banner of 20 hearts is made and then attached to the previous row.  I left long tails on the banner row  and then finished up the joining the hearts. Once all the hearts had been attached I finished the banner row.  I did this to ensure I did not get any twists in the banner.

This started off as a use up the left over thread in the shuttle  and that is why the center is blue.  I think I could remove this and retat the center in the rust or yellow but I am happy to have this completed.

Sunday 3 January 2016

TIAS 2016 - Getting Ready

Couple of things first.  Firstly welcome 2016, I resolve to do even more tatting this year. Secondly, I finished my cap or toque to match my 4 ply legwarmers.

TIAS is an acronym for Tat It And See. The TIAS 2016 run by Jane Eborall will be starting on Wednesday January 6, so join me and many other tatters in the fun.  Be sure to read the introduction here.  Don't forget to share your pictures and progress with Jane and read about other tatters around the world on the TIAS blog.

I have chosen a thread and found two shuttles to begin.   Oh, I need to hunt for just the right beads too.  Let the Fun Begin!