Sunday 21 October 2018

Garlic Rope

Maggie sent me a text a few days ago saying she would be in town on Saturday and wanted to know if we could get together, she had some tatting questions.   I  set aside a few hours to chat and tat.   She also asked me if I wanted some Garlic rope she had gotten really cheap.  "Sure", I replied, thinking  it was garlic.

When Maggie arrived I found it was the netting you put garlic into.  She brought me 10 yards/meters of the rope.  I had some  metallic thread asking to be wrangled as the balls don't stay wound once they are out of the bag.

I used a comparable to size 20 color 321 Turquoise Green Liz Metallic and tatted up this snowflake.  It is by Teri Dusenbury and called Wheel of Fortune.  You should be able to see a pattern on this page.

Thursday 18 October 2018

Another Lanyard

You can never have enough Lanyards.  This pattern by Patti Duff is a great takealong project.  I can load up the thread and beads on my Tatsy shuttle and away I go.  I also bring a hook with me to make the joins.  This shuttle only pattern works up easy.  I can do it while in waiting rooms or even while taking the bus. 

I have provided a link to the pattern here and you can adjust to fit your size of beads.  I have used size 20 Hakelgarn with black inexpensive glass beads.

If you don't have access to a Tatsy shuttle you can do this in stages adding on thread and beads as required.  You can even make this without beads.

Don't limit yourself as this pattern is adaptable to any combination of thread, beads and length, Previously I have used up some extra thread to make a zipper pull and a key fob.  This one may go on my glasses. 

Tat over tails at the beginning and hide the tail in the beads at the end.  I have added split jump rings to each end which make this easily converted to suit my needs. 

Monday 8 October 2018

What I learned at Camp... CampWannaTat

Juliette Pendant
Celtic Weave Pendant

This past September I had the privilege to attend Camp Wanna Tat.   We completed these three tatting projects and I stocked up on my tatting supplies.

The Dodecahedron was designed and taught by Debbie Arnold. It is difficult to take photographs of 3d tatting but this sphere has 12 pentagon faces (motifs) and 20 vertices. I used a balloon and Elmers school glue to stiffen.

The Juliette Pendant is by Mandy Kerwell Bez and revised and taught by Char Toyosaki.  Done in one pass a 16mm plastic gem is in the centre.  One could easily adjust the centre rings to accommodate typical sized ice drops.

Patti Duff is the designer and taught the Celtic Weave Pendant.  It is so hard to tat with narrow celtic shuttles so I used regular ones until the time to weave in the chains.  Patti says we could add another round and I just may do that.