Monday 28 July 2014

Moje Robotki Row 2

Whoops, had some problems with my phone and my computer each trying to blog.  Here is row 2, I had a few problems climbing out but managed ok with a few split rings and a split chain then another split ring.

Left, Lizbeth 10 Snow White  122 yds/ball------Right Coats Aida 10 Ecru 280m/ball
The Lizbeth is slightly larger and smoother which makes it easier to close rings and control chains. The costs were very similar.

Friday 25 July 2014

Jan Stawasz Moje Robotki 8/2007 Huge Doily tat-along Row 1

I ordered some Coats Aida 10 Ecru and a copy of Moje Robotki 8/2007 which contains a Large Doily designed by Jan Stawasz. and have shown Row I.

The thread is actually a nice creamy color and when compared to Lizbeth 10 it is slightly thinner. I am using a Starlit and Moonlit shuttle as they hold a lot of thread.

I am trying to do it "Jan's" way which has the picots on a ds as opposed to between. This is a new way of tatting for me and I am taking it slow. The doily is slightly cupped but I think if I dampen it this will disappear. I will just put it in a heavy book overnight.

I am not afraid of a large doily, the tablecloth in the header measures about 4 feet by 5 feet and I crochet it square by square about 35 years ago, now I wish I kept better track of my projects.

 If you get this post twice, sorry, had some issues with blogger on my smart phone and  this post was deleted.