Tuesday 25 March 2014

Hearts Desire

Susan Fuller Hearts Desire
Needle Tatted
No time to tat (sad face) so I thought I'd share one of the first pieces I did.  I needle tatted this long before I could correctly read a pattern or know how to reverse work. But Diane loved it and took it on her trip to Europe.  The pattern by Susan Fuller can be found here.

I love the Spring colors, I have lots of this thread and you will see many pieces that I have done with it. It is J&P Coats 6 cord Merc Cotton 20 shade 1228. Below the same pattern but Shuttle tatted this time.  I was still having issues reversing work but it is getting better. 

First Shuttle tatted piece July 2013 Pattern: Heart's Desire by Susan K FullerJ&P Coats 6 cord Merc Cotton 20 shade 1228

Sunday 23 March 2014

Magic Moments

I was gifted this thread with an order from HH about 4 shuttles full on a little spool. It is Lizbeth Size 20 and I am guessing the color is sherbet delight but I could be wrong.  I adore the designer Jon Yosoff and the link to the pattern is on her site here. It is a two shuttle pattern and good practice for an intermediate tatter. I hope you love the spring colors as much as I do. 
I started to drop the shuttle through my rings on this project to see how it would work and I had a little twist at the end, it has been suggested to add a 2nd half ds at the end of the ring to see if it balances the ring a bit better. Oh and don't forget to hold the ring in the pinch as you close and make sure you dangle your shuttles to reduce thread twist.

I have finished my taxes and just one more hurdle at the office before I can devote more time to my tatting.

Thursday 13 March 2014


While on the hunt for some beads to work into a sample piece I was working on, tucked back in the drawer was my little hanky that I had done so many many years ago. The little rings tied so nicely.  It is a ring only pattern from my Learn How Book, which I still have.

Wednesday 12 March 2014

About Me

I learned to knit and crochet more than 50 years ago and but most recently I have been tatting. I did learn to  shuttle tat (rings only)  more than 40  years ago, I only did one hanky edge and then never picked up another shuttle, Then in May of 2013 I taught myself to needle tat and picked up the shuttles again.  Some people call me ambitatterous because I do both needle and shuttle.  I am still learning to make rings and chains  and tatting the patterns that inspire me.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Grandmas Shawl

 Mom said grandma was a terrible knitter and you never knew where your heels would be in the socks she knit but we have a picture of her wearing this crochet head scarf/shawl as a young married bride. We estimate it to be about 95 years old.  It is still a light yellow color and has one stain on it.  The thread is still strong and the work done with alternating motifs and an edging. All about size 30 cotton thread. I don't recall her teaching me but I remember I could always go to her if I had a problem with my stitches.