Saturday, 17 September 2016

Zigzag Lanyard

I was looking for a quick lanyard pattern with beads as I wanted to have something to keep my magnifying eyeglasses on.  I like the weight that beads give to the tatting.  Searched my stash and found 3 mm fuchsia colored pearls and matched with a vintage 30 ecru J&P Coats thread.  I made a few trial pieces and this is what I came up with.

I used two Aero shuttles with hooks on each for ease of bead attachment.  160 beads made a length of 24 inches, the amount will vary for the length you want. The zigzag effect is created by switching shuttles.  

Start and end with a ring for attachments.  In this case I attached a split ring and then inexpensive eyeglass holders.  Had I attached a lobsterclaw, I could easily switch out for a medallion, hook or name tag.

I have made two previous lanyards, the Patti Duff Lanyard and a Jane Eboral Lanyard.


  1. It really works well and the beads are so pretty contrasting so well with ercu thread

  2. Wonderful and delicate work and I have yet to make one for myself and this makes me want to try it is lovely!

  3. Great lanyard!!! :) I love the colors!! :)


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