Thursday 27 August 2015

Leftover Thread in the Shuttle

It started out as just using up the leftover thread from the lanyard project.  Instead of choosing a smaller project this happened. I was able to get more than halfway around before I needed to add thread as I was using the large clover shuttles. 

This is the first two rows of the Heart Doily found here, Frywolitkowa Serwetka Serduszkowa - Tatted Heart Doily by Dorothy Koscielniak.  It is a very striking doily offered up as a tat-along from Land of Laces. You tat the row of hearts separately and use a joining row to attach the hearts to the previous rows of the doily.   I have used Hakelgarn 20 in a navy blue and pale yellow and am trying to decide on  a color for the next row.

So should I stay with these two colors or branch out?  The other Hakelgarn colors I have at hand are light green, bright yellow, beige, peach, rose, rust and red. I am open to suggestions.

Wednesday 26 August 2015


As a kid I recall big boxes of fruit that would arrive from our relatives in British Columbia.  Mom and Grandma would get busy canning and the rewards would be fruit to enjoy all winter long. My favorite was the peaches.

 I still prefer canned peaches on my pancakes.   I got busy myself today and did up 16 jars. The cost works out to just less than $3.00/quart. 

Monday 24 August 2015

First Lanyard

It always feels so good to finish a project and this lanyard is done.  It's not perfect but that leaves room for improvement.  I used Hakelgarn 20 in a navy or dark blue. The pattern was from Jane Eborall.

Although I do like the pearls I found them difficult to work with. 
The length of the beads are 34 inches and does stretch a bit.  I did have some issues keeping the threads straight, it was tricky using the larger clovers but a good learning experience. 
I had recently broken a lanyard so I had extra attachments to put on the ring.  I may make another one. Any suggestions?

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Vintage Thread Surprise

As we arrived home this past weekend there was a bag of treasures hanging on my front door. No note so I don't know who has done this. My favorite thread is the Vintage Coats Size 30, enough to make snowflakes for a very long time.  There is a wide assortment of vintage embroidery cotton too.

There were also two vintage crochet books, along with a few vintage loose patterns needless to say I am over the moon.  Whoever you are, THANK YOU.

Friday 14 August 2015

New Tatting Teachers

I love that Canada is so big but I hate that Canada is so big.  I have been tatting seriously for 30 months and have only met one other person in Canada who tats.  Oh yes I do have "virtual" tatting friends/buddies but having another tatter watch you tat is priceless, especially when you are learning.  They see the shuttle move and can offer such good advice. A wasted movement here, a twist of the wrist there, more thread, less thread and together you share some new techniques and show off a few pieces too.
 Now if it wasn't for my virtual tatting friends, I would still be at a novice level as they provide plenty of advice, encouragement and sharing.  I thank them all but a book can always be by your side day or night so I compliment my learning from books and have recently added to my growing library.

We are travelling this weekend so I don't think I can pull out the tatting and I am working on some projects that don't travel well so my tatting teachers will be coming to keep me company if a quiet moment appears.

Thursday 13 August 2015

Jane's Lanyard

This is the second start of a lanyard using a Jane Eborall pattern. (the first was a test and may become a zipper pull.) I revised the ring count to fit the two sizes of beads and added a picot instead of more beads at the sides. The round beads do not like to sit beside another round bead, Bicones may have been a better choice, or only beading every other ring.  too late now. These are plastic pearls in two sizes, don't ask me the size as I just raided my stash.

The shuttles shown are the large clovers and if you don't like the points on clovers, then these points are even more painful but the shuttles hold more than twice the amount of thread than the smaller clover shuttles hold. My big hands don't mind the larger size at all.  I am using a dark blue Hakelgarn thread, marked 20 but it looks and tats closer to 30, a nice and easy tat and retrotat but... it is a dark thread so I work with plenty of light.

The pink paperclip is because I load up a bead just before I start the ring and don't need two hands to remove the paperclip once the bead is anchored to the top of the ring. I keep a hook nearby because I am attaching to the previous ring to keep the lanyard from twisting and it is working so far. I also use the hook to load up each bead. If you use smaller shuttles and find you need to add thread,  the ends can be easily hidden in the beads.

I have beaded a few lanyards before and found them very useful. By adding a lobster claw to each end you can attach a big loop to rest your glasses, cheaters or pendant,  it becomes a functional chatelaine and of course a place for an ID badge for work or play. 

Monday 3 August 2015

Jan Stawasz Moje Robotki 8/2007 Huge Doily tat-along Row 10 and 11

It is hard to believe I did this myself. I have only been tatting for a few years and would never have thought that I could get this far on such a big project. I am feeling quite accomplished but am reminded that there are still another seven rows before completion.

While ironing, I found one of the inner mofits had come undone so I needed to retat part of it. Painful task but needed to be done. 

I am using Aida 10, ecru and the doily currently measures 27 inches or 69 cm. It is sitting flat and I have just given it a steam and slight press with the iron.

I have two of Jan Stawasz books and tatted a few other of his doilies. This pattern is from Moje Robotki 8/2007. 

On to row 12.....