Friday, 23 February 2018

Wiosna Row 5

On Thursdays Renulek posts another round of her spring doily. Row 5 has been posted and it tats up very quickly. 

I could see on image where the next round attaches and the middle picot of those chains seemed the best place to climb to the next round.  I didn't need to reload my shuttles but will take the time this weekend to have them ready.

I have finished up a few tatting projects so I need to clean up my table, put threads away, organize the cabinet and decide what I will tat next. 

I am using a King Tut quilting thread by Superior Threads color 918.

The current diameter is 3.75 inches or 9.5 cm.


  1. Love it 💗 it really turning out fabulous 😍

  2. Goodness, it's tiny, mine is more like 16 cm, in size 40 thread.

  3. This colourway is very very pleasing

  4. I love your color(s). Wondered what those 'precise 1-inch' color changes would look like in a larger project - it looks wonderful!

  5. 918. I'm going to have a look at that. I am finding I like the King Tut to tat with. If I can just get done with the ones I am involved in already. That looks so great.


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