Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Stole My Heart

In May of 2013 I was working full time and a coworker brought in some tatting that an Aunt had gifted her.  She unwrapped the tissue and inside was a beautiful blue cross.

I hadn't seen any tatting for a while and awed at the lovely knots all lined up.  I told her that my mother had taught me to tat almost 50 years ago but I only did one hanky and then never did another stitch.

With my interest now piqued, I started to browse the internet for samples of tatting.  It was this heart that I saw and had to know how to make it.  One day I was able to track down the pattern and purchased it on etsy.  As happenchance would have it the gal who designed this and who I purchased the pattern from  lived in the same city.

It was destiny and tatting became my passion for the next five years.  I tatted this heart up quickly tonight adding a SSSR at the top should I turn these into earrings.  I used a DMC pearl 12 , measures 3 cm or 1.25 inches long.

I still love this little heart that stole my heart.


  1. It’s very elegant, no wonder it brought you back into the world of tatting.

  2. This is a lovely story and a kind day to announce it! Now we will treasure this heart too🌹💖💗💖🌹

  3. Beautiful heart & story! No wonder you treasure it.
    So who is the mystery designer ?


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