Sunday, 18 February 2018

Wiosna 2018 Row 4

Row 4 has been posted on Renulek's blog and I have completed the round.  I found a mistake on the previous round, of course when I was almost around but I'm not going to start over.  I've stretched and spaced the thread to make up for the missed stitches.

I have used a split ring to climb to the next round.  I didn't wind these bobbins and shuttle full so I expect to add thread on the next round. 

I never use a knot when adding thread unless it is a change of color

I am using a King Tut Quilting thread by Superior Threads color 918.  This thread is much easier to use than the Sulky thread I used a few years ago. The current size is 3 inches or 7.75 cm.


  1. Love your thread color choice - so cheerful! . Are you using it throughout, or will you change? Fun to follow everyone’s progress ­čśŐ

    1. If I happen to a quilt shop in the next few weeks I will add a solid color.

  2. beautiful I just finished my row today and enjoying it!


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