Saturday, 3 February 2018

Wiosna 2018 Row 2

I have now completed row 2 of Renulek Spring Doily aka Wiosna 2018.  It is still tiny, only 3 cm or 1.13 inches across. I am using a King Tut Thread color 918. 

This center is similar to a recent snowflake of hers I did.  The King Tut Thread tends to show a little wear as you tat so I will be putting the doily into a ziplock bag and only have the edge I am working on peeking out to reduce that wear.

Renata has provided Row 1 of the Wiosna 2018 on her blog and will post every Thursday.  You can also purchase the complete instructions on her Etsy page.


  1. Wonderful I just finished my second week too!

    1. Great, sometimes you keep up and sometimes not. This time there is only
      one slow project on my desk.

  2. It looks pretty with that thread.


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