Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Day 9 TIAS 2018

We must be past the halfway mark at Day 9. One of the beads has been used and my guess is that Jane will continue around and put the other bead on another split ring.

A lot of people on the TIAS blog are guessing that this is a mermaid but Jane won't give it away. We find out when we are done.

It is never too late to tat a TIAS (tat it and see). If you feel like tatting along, here is the link to the Tat It and See (TIAS) blog.  You can see what others are doing and look back to what was tatted in previous years.

I am using a size 20 Lizbeth Grape Pomegranate. 


  1. Yes I was thinking mermaid too, but not sure how we would work down to the tail🤔💜

    1. We left two little picots down there and we were told about some contrasting thread required in the introduction.

  2. Ah, I hadn't realised one of the beads has been used. Hmmm, this makes it tougher to guess!
    But at present it looks like Casper ;-P


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