Wednesday 26 January 2022

It's a Shank Button

I needed two buttons a while back for my sisters slippers but they came in a set of three so this button sat idle in the button jar for a time.  I recently saw a design by Sharron Morgan called I Heart This. 

The design is a tatted heart attached to a 9/16 inch jump ring, then you put a shank button through the ring.  Using a coilless safety pin and earring stoppers the tatting is now changed into a brooch. 

So I borrowed this idea and this button can now be worn on my hat, well perhaps my sisters hat.   

Occasionally  I run across a few shank buttons that would look nice on a lapel or such. You could even do a cluster of them.   

I hope I have sparked your idea for the use of some of your favorite shank buttons.

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