Monday 3 December 2018

Angel Earrings

This pattern for earrings is free from Sezione Hobbystica .  It looks like an angel and worked up to a nice size for these bold earrings. 

I used a size 20 Opera thread and the finished tatting is 2 inches long.  Although I didn't add any beads you could easily add after tatting to the bottom or the centre.

If you are wondering about the shuttle it is a GR8 made of Blood wood and darker than the photo shows.  One of the nice things about this shuttle is the hook, actually not a hook but a ball on the end which still allows you to pick up thread through a picot but will not snag your thread. 


  1. Very clever stylised angels, make great earrings, or could be tree decorations.

  2. Wonderful earrings!!! :)
    Yes, they do look like angels.


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