Saturday 15 December 2018

Silver Earrings Continued

Some have called this snowflake week but for me this was Snowflake Earring Week.  Once that ball of  Metallic thread was opened it was quickly made into these beaded beauties.  

They are a perfect size and just enough sparkle that they can be worn during the day or evening.  

I used Lizbeth Metallic Comparable to Size 20 Silver 311.  The  earring are one inch around.

Now don't forget to plan your endings and keep your  stitches nice and even as they don't move once tatted. 


  1. They are lovely you did many and so very beautiful ❄❤❄

    1. Thanks Carollyn, They work up really fast and I have many to give away.

  2. I was going to ask if you were planning to sell them, but I see they’ll be gifted. Wonderful sparkly constellation.

  3. I hadn't planned on selling them as I am not ready to take that step .... yet.

  4. These look so happy and gorgeous !!! A great way to play with colour combos .

  5. What a beautiful bunch of earrings!!! :)


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