Monday, 31 December 2018

No Fairies Here

Ever since I took that chandelier apart, I am always on the hunt for angel wings. These were designed by Carollyn Brown as wings for tassel fairies that were posted on Facebook. 

I took this picture at night as I couldn't wait for morning to post.

The wings were tatted with a vintage Coats size 30 ecru thread and measure 2.5 x 2 inches.  I have some larger crystals so using a 20 or metallic 20 would work for those.

I found the bridge connecting the two wings a bit tight so the next set will have a few extra stitches.

Below are some angels ornaments/suncatchers that found new homes last year. I have found that any color works.


  1. They look great! Wonderful repurposing.

  2. I love this what a fantastic idea 🕊🌹❤🌹🕊

  3. I also added a few more stitches to the bridge too, great suggestion glad you liked the pattern

  4. Very creative and beautiful angels!!! :)


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