Friday 7 December 2018

Recyclable and Washable

I have a pad that came with my dustmop which I love to use because it is removable and washable. The dustmop itself is quite wide, about  15.5 inches so I can get a large area done in a short period of time.   Today I got a paper cut on my index finger so it needed a rest from tatting.

I decided to make some reusable pads for my swiffer and while I was at it I made one for my  favorite wide dustmop.  I used 100% cotton.  This one is made with hand wound thread of 4 scrap cotton yarns, red, white, lavender and peach.  I completed these three washable and reusable dust pads in one afternoon.  They can be sprayed with a little soap to give the floor a quick wash.

For the swiffer ones I used all single crochet and popcorn stitch to make it more usable as a wet mop.  I have also found that an unmated sock will fit on the swifter but not my wide dustmop.

I've given these a test run and I am very pleased with the results. 


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