Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Silver Earrings

I found this pattern on instagram by @sunny00bunny, here is a direct link.  I used a Lizbeth Metallic and the finished earring is 2.25 inches long plus the ear hooks.  I used a shuttle and ball for the earrings. 

With the silver metallic thread still on shuttle I added beads and made up these quick snowflakes.   I liked them so much I wound 2.5 yards on the shuttle, added beads and began tatting a pair in blue green.

One thing to remember when working with the metallic thread is to be sure to close your rings tightly and be consistent with the tension so that the stitches are nice and even. 

Another tip is to plan ahead on how to end the threads.  I can tat over the tail in the first half of the first ring at the start then tat over a magic loop along with a piece of  contrasting thread for the second half of the first ring.  The extra thread leaves enough room to pull the metallic through without effort.  

Using a Single Shuttle Split Ring to finish off the motif also is a perfect way to end with metallic thread if the pattern allows.  If I do have to stitch in an end I use one of those self threading needles with an eye that you can easily slide the thread into.  The metallic threads unwind and fray very easily and this should help you finish off nicely.   If you have further tips for working with metallic threads, please let me know in the comments. 

I'll be making more snowflakes, as I love shuttle only patterns.


  1. Love the tips you gave along with you beautiful tatting ­čî╣

  2. Thanks for the link and that's a pretty shuttle too!


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