Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Day 6 TIAS 2018

Day 6 still does not bring us any closer to knowing what this will be.  I still have those two little beads on my shuttle so I know we still need to make the eyes. 

My most recent guess is that this is a cone shaped had and there will be a pompom tatted for those two picots on the end of the curled part.  Jane never tells us if we are right until near the end.  There will probably be another ten installments so more chances to guess 

If you feel like tatting along, here is the link to the Tat it and see (TIAS) blog.  You can also look back to see what was done in previous years. It is never too late to start.

I am using a size 20 Grape Pomegranate.

Renata has provided Row 1 of the Wiosna 2018 on her blog and will post every Thursday.  You can also purchase the complete instructions on her Etsy page.

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